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Wine, Hardware, Hopping, and Comedy

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

White Wine - VerdicchioMy day kicked off by racing over to Commercial Drive to film an interview with Vito and a guy from a company that is the number one Italian wine importer in Vancouver.  Following the interview, I filmed a promo for their other business which is an Italian shoe store.  The fellow we interviewed was a nice guy, because I ended up coming home with a complimentary bottle of white wine!  Vito took home a red.

Back at home, I had a little more of a kufuffel with Bob.  See, I bought a new SATA card to support more hard drives, and normally I can just plug it in, install drivers in windows, and it’ll work.  But no.  Not this time.  Not Bob today.  Ugh.  It works fine with a single hard drive plugged in, but never with more than one.  It’s got to be a firmware issue or something, but basically I’ve got 7 of 9 hard drives online now.  I can work with that for the time being, but I am very close to finalizing the hardware which should have been working days ago!

My afternoon was spent editing with Spencer, and I touched on looking at some new website designs for my company page:  Perhaps I’ll share some here soon in case anyone has some input…?  During one of our breaks, I played around trying to hop my unicycle some more.  I should also get some video of this sometime because it is really amusing actually!

And finally for my evening, I actually went down and watched Table 23 perform at Gallaghers for my first time since about January!  It’s been an incredibly long time!  Good times.

I “De-dusted” Greg’s New Computer

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I didn’t get much sleep last night for some reason, but it didn’t hinder my day at all.  It surely was a strange one though.  It all started early in the “office” as I cleaned it up for when Greg and Chloe were going to be coming for recording their commentaries.  Spencer showed up for work, and shortly after Greg dilly dallied on by with his computers.  He had actually aquired a new system through a friend and I didn’t realize how he needed done to it, but I basically “de-dusted” the whole thing, made some small tweaks and re-installed windows on it.

Greg with his computerRebuilding Greg’s New Computer

We were visited by a special guest, but I can’t remember if I can say anything about who it was??  Random.

Greg and Chloe Recording a Commentary

Anyways, Greg drove and picked up Chloe and brought her back and they recorded their commentary.  Actually, Spencer and I devised a new setup in which we have an stellar signal to noise ratio now!  It’s actually amazing!  We did up their commentary, and then I  wrapped up Greg’s computer, and I went back to work for a bit while Greg ran off and bought me a sub from subway!  Thanks man!

Kay Meaks TheatreFor my evening, I went out to West Van to film an elementary school play.  Yes, I said West Van… we’re pretty excited about it because if (or should I say when) we do a good job, we might get noticed by some other people out that way… which might possibly mean bigger money projects!  Woot woot!

It feels good to be blogging again!

A Great Big Slice of Council

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I spent my morning and afternoon working with Spencer on some projects – and Bob was giving us a whole whack of trouble with its hardware and all, getting the new drives up and running.  I spent the majority of the day paying attention to Bob.  For a break around 2ish, Spencer and I played some guitar hero but since I couldn’t get my wireless one working we played solo and took turns.  Now this little story requires a bit of back-story:

Paul and Fader Guitar Hero 2Back a few months ago when I was a Guitar Hero addict, I got really freakin far in the game and got stuck on a set on Expert setting where I had two songs (Crazy On You and Rock This Town) that I couldn’t beat and I couldn’t actually get any new songs in story mode aside from those two.  I tried and tried and couldn’t beat them and eventually drifted from the game.  For my first song today, I kicked ass at 98% playing Parasite on hard, so for my second, I dared and attempted Crazy On You on Expert.  My first try, when mostly just showing to Spencer just how damned hard the song was as a joke, I actually managed to tough my way through the whole song and beat it!  I later tried the other one, but only made it 57% of the way through and had to get back to work.  I’ll be sure to try again soon though in hopes of unlocking a new set of songs finally!

Anyways, back to my day.  At 5pm, I made my way over to PoCo city hall and joined the Shaw crew for our weekly council coverage.

Council Screens

Now this day definately goes down in history – we ordered 3 medium pizzas from Papa Johns for our crew of four.  In roughly 15 minutes, I had eaten 5 slices.  Considering a pizza was 8 slices, that was a fair chunk!  But wait – it gets better!  We had iced cream for desert, and then I launched back into eating the pizza, and within a 40 minute sit-down dinner session I had eaten 8 slices, meaning an entire medium pizza!  Today definately goes down in history.  Even as I write this at midnight, six hours later, I’m still very full.

Pizza Crums

Council ran fairly long, talking for over an hour alone on homeless which grew tiring, but I was mostly interested by a map sitting over against a wall which I was looking at for a good 20 minutes before dinner because it has some very interesting and detailed things in my area that they will be working on in the next few years according to their Official Community Plan.  Take look below and I was mostly interested in the new extensions for Freemont:

Map of Poco with OCP Ammendments

Also, as a random fact of the day, I didn’t actually wear my binary watch, and it was very missed by my wrist.

A Day With My Darling

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Well, I will admit that posting on my blog again yesterday for the first time in a while felt pretty good! I woke up today feeling more accomplished and more on top of things!

Brittany came over this morning and we wandered over to the airport to talk to the folks over at Air Canada about one of her bags that they “lost” when she flew back from Milan over 40 days ago! The whole thing is a long story, but basically today went really well because we found out that her bag is in a warehouse in Montreal and we put in a request to retrieve it and she should have it soon! Hoorah!

Mom’s Birthday

Back at home, we had a small celebration with a few relatives for my Commander Keenmom’s birthday which was last week, and it was nice for Brittany to hang around and mingle with some of the folks a little. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and afterwards I spent my evening playing Commander Keen with Brit.

After she took off, I spent two hours taking apart, dusting out, and upgrading my file server Bob. He is now hosting a total of 3.6 Terabytes on his own… which accounts for slightly over half the hard drive storage I have in my house.

Bob’s Guts

You may need to click and make the above image larger to really see how much stuff I took in and out…

Relaxing Day

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Today was a pretty slow day, which began waking up over at Chloe’s house after a fun little party to celebrate Mark’s new job last night!  The theme was tacky 80’s ski-wear, which I think scared away a bunch of people.  But for those of us who braved the theme, it was a blast!

Mark’s 80s Ski-Wear Party

Mark’s 80s Ski-Wear Party

Ooohboy… leave it to Mark to host a party with a theme like that!

Gas TankI stopped briefly at home before heading out and filming Vito’s Italian sports news thing as I do every Saturday now, and then I dropped Brian off at my aunt’s to dog sit.  Gas prices were 1.30 on the way out of town, and for the first time ever, I was actually detered from filling the tank all the way.  My theory is that it wastes more time and effort hunting the best prices and stuff, but seriously 1.30 pissed me right off.  I was running really low so I put in $10… but seriously look how little that even got me up to!!!  That is including what I had in there before!

Anyways, the drive was amazing due to perfectly clear blue skies and it being warm enough that I had all four windows down and the sunroof open all the way while blasting Dark Side of the Moon!  I even found myself going slower than the limit on the freeway at some points because I wanted it to last forever!

Back at home, I fried up a single burger and then slipped into a nap for a few hours.  A bit of a waste of a beautiful afternoon, but I really needed that nap.  First “day off” in a while for me I guess.  I’ve been working hard over the past few weeks since the Whistler film getting a whack of work done.  I’ve actually got Spencer coming in every day now and helping out editing and such.  It’s really helpful having the extra hands to tackle the work.  Anyways, this evening I got up to speed watching Lost, Season 4 episodes 8 and 9.  I also managed to tackle my gmail inbox finally!  It’s been stock-piling over the past few weeks and my email has been getting backlogged and it’s been crazy trying to get back to people sometimes.  Lastly I’ve started transferring huge chunks of files onto some new hard drives and such because I’ve been working on re-arranging and upgrading our server.  Moving most of these files are hard to do during a normal work day because a) I should be doing other work, and b) We kind of need those files online to be able to work.

All in all, I’m glad I had a day to get to the “smaller” things and “run errands” around the house.  Normally it would be run to the bank, return a sweater, and visit the grandparents, but for me it was all the things I talked about up above.  And hey, I even got around to blogging now that things are somewhat getting back to normal.  Normal?  Somebody tell me what “normal” is again?

Post-Second Cuts Screening

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Funny how I’ve gotten into just posting video-blogs these days. I’ve found it much quicker and easier than typing posts recently! haha… sorry folks who like to read. Anyways, here’s a shot from very early on at the gala in Whistler this evening:

Second Cuts Gala