Post-Second Cuts Screening

Funny how I’ve gotten into just posting video-blogs these days. I’ve found it much quicker and easier than typing posts recently! haha… sorry folks who like to read. Anyways, here’s a shot from very early on at the gala in Whistler this evening:

Second Cuts Gala

3 Responses to “Post-Second Cuts Screening”

  1. Christine Says:

    you guys all sound drunk. haha

  2. CezainValsol Says:

    (scratches head.)

    I dunno, Paul, I mean, you got cinemaphotography pretty down, and I hear the scripts and movies themselves are becoming more complex…and then the guy with the funny movie wins. (This is my understanding.) I honestly think you get a pretty bad rap sometimes, which is undeserved. I’m starting to think the judges prefer more “clever” than well-thought out material.

    I can’t say much except offer to watch the film and offer you my complete thoughts. Something we did in our creative writing classes is have sheets with questionaiires we had to fill out…like about characters, plot, development, stuff like that. I think it would help you a lot if everyone sort of converged on making this questionaiire, a format was decided on, EVERYONE filled it out, including people that have NEVER heard of Technomonkeymedia but are willing to review the films. Here I mean CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, not “ha ha that was funny”, or “that blew.” You need to know what people think is working and is not working, NOT based on content, but simply on whether or not it works. You don’t have to take on every suggestion either, but I dunno, it’s just an idea. Some variation of that idea, I guess. Might be better if you, yourself, come up with the criteria you want specific constructive criticism on.

    And that’s my two cents. Getting long.

  3. Adrienn Says:

    huh. another blog post deguiiisseed as a comm-ent! sneaky!

    veeeryy veeeryyy sneeekky!


    haha, you guys rock. 3 o’clock in the morning. :P