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Peeking at Subaru’s #1

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Subaru Forester - All Star Auto Sales

I went down to All Star Auto Sales to check out a 1999 Subaru Forester – in red.  I’ve been poking around a little online but this is my first actual outing to check one out.  Getting down there posed a problem which is almost funny because I need to use someone and their car to go get myself a car so I don’t have to use people and their cars…. anyways, Brittany drove us down there!

First impression was a little shady about the dealership, it didn’t look very professional, and a tall creepy jamacian guy was helping us out a little, then left us alone with the keys and poking around looking at the thing.  It had a good feel to it because I was excited, but it was dirty, and hadn’t really been vaccumed – which sort of shocked me because I’ve never been car shopping, and I imagined them all spiffy clean and shiny.  This one had a good thin layer of dirtyness on the outside, which wasn’t quite what I imagined car shopping to be like….. ahhh, fantasies…

It was nice to sit in and the idea was better than the actual thing.  This particular model that I’m looking at comes in standard, which is awesome!  But all the little dings and patches of not-so-cleanness, and the shadyness of the dealership turned me off a little.  The guy pitched it at $5800, which towards the high end of what I expected after looking at the price for this model online.  I believe it was listed at around $6200 spick and span.  This one was very far from that, so it would probably be worth a good chunk less with the general wear and tear.
Subaru Forester - DashFor starters, here’s a photo of the dash.   It’s generally dirty, comes with a tape-deck… lol – but it’s cleanable.  Oh, and the cigarette lighter thing is missing it’s cover.  Nothing impressive by any means here.

Subaru Forester - Rip in Drivers SeatThe drivers seat has a huge 2 inch rip in the side of it.


Well, that’s work-able.

The windshield wipers have got huge chunks of rust and I would definately replace them if I were to spend all that money buying the car.

Subaru Forester - Rusty Winshield Wipers

The engine didn’t look too dirty or too clean either way… but I will say that I took a look into it, and found the battery looked really old (I couldn’t find a date on it), but I also found a few shells from a couple walnut shells down lower in the engine.

Subaru Forester - Under the Hood

Oh, and the matts in the front seats weren’t particularily in great shape… nor did they match.

Subaru Forester - Floor Matts

The rest of the car was fun to play in and didn’t look too shabby.  I did like it – but it definately wasn’t what I was looking for.  The price was far too high for the shabbyness of the vehicle.  I’m looking for something that will last, and frankly I have no idea what’s been done to this scratchy interior, and I’d fear what might go wrong under the hood.  However, it does only have 175k on it, which is fairly low for a 1999.

I simply didn’t get a very good feel from this one.

Subaru Forester - Stick

Subaru Forester - Interior


Subaru Forester - Side Panel

 The Subaru Forester has caught my eye because I was definately impressed with the last subaru we owned.  This one has got everything that I personally would want in a car – it’s awesome in snow, it’s got a roof rack, tonnes of cargo space, it comes in standard, and I can put my stereo in it too!  I’m gonna poke around at some others of this model hopefully.  I need to get one soon – I’m dying without it and it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

Check out some more photos in my web albums.

Subaru Forester at All Star Auto Sales

Canoeing with Brittany

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Brittany and Paul Canoeing

An absolutely amazing day all started with an awesome little trip with Brittany in the canoe up the slough and out into the Pitt River a little.

Here’s a short video of us getting the canoe onto the wheels:

Brittany and Paul CanoeingFrom there, we walked the canoe just over a kilometer all the way from my house out to the slough, where we pitched in, and proceeded to canoe just over four kilometers! We had a really good pace, and not only did we see a bunch of sweet scenery on such an amazing day, but we also had a half-dozen sightings of the resident Great Blue Herons.

You can see a couple pictures of one in my photo album.

Brittany and Paul Canoeing

Brittany and Paul Canoeing

After our epic journey, we were exhausted and napped back at my place for an hour before heading over to fufill my craving for Chinese food!  They really pile heaps onto your plate – I’ve literally got dinner for three days now!

Chinese Food

Afterwards, I treated us to some gellato over at a place in Newport village, then we grabbed some coffee and went back to my place to watch “The Parking Garage” on Seinfeld!

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Later that night a bunch of us went out to see You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, and I got to sleep around 2am.

More photos in my Web Photo Album.

Dot Ca Registrant Info Now Private

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

CIRAOn June 10, 2008, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) made our registrant information is now private!  One used to be able to go to a whois search site and simply type in “” and it would display the contact information that I provided when registering the site.  That means anyone was able to get my phone number and even address, which are two things that I’m pretty stern on keeping off the internet.  It’s a good thing for those of us with dot ca sites such as Mark and Sean, because now they are private by default!

Hoorah!  and thank you Mr. dot ca!