Hiking Black Tusk

Today, I climbed a mountain.

It was over 1500 vertical meters to the peak at 2100 meters, and we left my house at 7:30am, and returned home just after 9pm.  It was a spectacular day and an amazing hike that I’ve been craving for a long time.  I’ve always wanted to hike in Garibaldi Park…  The awesome crew was myself, Christine, Jason, Mark, and Chloe

I must say though, that when I first caught a glimpse of the Black Tusk in real life, I was drawn to it and felt that it was begging me to hike up it.  I couldn’t say no to a force of nature that strong!

Here’s my little highlight video:

Over the day, I recorded a bunch of that video and I’ve tried to make it shorter and slightly more entertaining as to not bore you.  Also, if you’re interested in seeing copious amounts of photos, I’ve uploaded hundreds of them to my web albums from all three digital cameras that were on the trip with us!

All in all, it was a beautiful hike, and it’s insired me to really start getting into doing more of these!  Hear me people – let’s get out there and enjoy the amazing vista that is Canada!

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One Response to “Hiking Black Tusk”

  1. Daz Says:

    Kicking rocks off the trail, accelerating the decay of the trail in your own small way. Not cool guys. Not cool. Leave it as you found it next time, will you?