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What is a favicon?

A Favicon is a small graphical icon that is used by browsers to identify your Bookmark/Favorites. Favicon’s also show on the URL address bar in your browser and is good way to brand your company.

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Yesterday, Spencer was bugging me to add a favicon image to his new website/blog. [ ]  I finally got around to it this morning, and while I was at it, I decided to add one to my own site!  I drafted up a design based off of some sketches from a while ago (completely unrelated from a favicon design),  then followed down the design trail to come up with the following designs:

[ ] – Version 1

[ ] – Version 2

[ ] – Version 3

[ ] – Version 4

[ ] – Version 5

[ ] – Version 6 (current)

It’s a rough design, but I doubt it’s the sort of thing I’ll get back to changing anytime soon.  So if you guys have any suggestions I’d be willing to give it a quick try over the next short while, else it’ll probably stay as is.

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One Response to “Favicon Designs”

  1. RH2 Says:

    sorry my website doesn’t work on IE anymore (Mozilla is the future!)
    [as a result of me writing some horrible CSS.]

    the favicon you are currently using is the best one out of all the options. could you make one with the letters “PR”?
    (version 1 is too dark)
    (version 2 isn’t colorful enough)

    the question:
    remember the LEGO 3d model you created?
    It looked very good; could you release the source files?
    I saw it on the blogger site date: Wednesday, February 28, 2007