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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

This is the story of ordinary people suddenly gifted with extraordinary powers and the choices each must make. To make things worse none of them realizes yet that using these powers comes with a price: their very lives.

My uncle Kevin entered into a contest a few months ago on a website called Zeros 2 Heroes with a concept for a comic book!  He is very into comics and loves writing and has always dreamed of having his own comic – and that dream of his finally came true!  His concept got really high rankings on the popular comic-fan website and they hooked him up with a graphical artist and they’ve been working together over the past few months to produce an online comic book!

It’s a really cool concept and it doesn’t take too long to read – I highly recomend taking a few minutes to check it out!

Film Club Night

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

This evening was film club night, and it’s finally rotated around for my turn to show a movie!  Basically one person picks a movie and doesn’t tell anyone what it is until we all meet up on a Tuesday night and we reveal the film just before we pop it in and watch it as a group.  There is no discussion during the film to sway the viewers to think one thing or another so it’s a fair showing.  After the film, we all discuss what we liked and didn’t … etc.

I haven’t attended too much cause I’ve had such a busy season.  Last week was Brittany‘s movie and she showed us all Gia.  It was a really amazing film!  This week was my turn, and I was really torn between a few, but in the end decided to go with one that I personally had never seen, but still own!  I picked Following, which is a film by Christopher Nolan.  Even before his huge Batman thing this summer, I had heard a tale about how he made it as a filmmaker, and was drawn to want to watch this film!  From what I understand, this was his flagship feature film that got him noticed and made the studios ask him what he wanted to do next?  He replied with Memento, a pet script of his that we proceeded to make into gold!  The studios came back with praises and for his next film they hooked him up with big name actor Robin Williams for Insomnia!  So on and so forth, now when the studios are asking what he wants to do, he was grated the opportunity to pursue Batman!  Pretty fun success story as I see it!

Anyways, the film went over as a hit with the group!  It was my first time watching it, and I was pretty excited to see how it all came out!  In all honesty though, I’d probably recomend watching Gia over the Following.  But what I got out of watching the Following was insight to Mr. Nolan’s path of success.

Pennies at the Post Office

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I just went to the post office to mail my submission for the Victoria Film Festival.  My letter was small and came to $1.20 in postage, but they wouldn’t take Visa!  Going into it, I didn’t think that i’d be such a small amount… and I was going to charge it to the business visa.  Ergo my thoughts on using Visa.  To my surprise, they apparently don’t take Visa.  Debit was out, unless it was over 5 bucks, and i only had pocket change because i gave the rest as a tip last night!  We dumped my wallet and i had about 95 cents in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies!  The girl working there insisted that she’ll just use the pennies from the little take a penny leave a penny to cover the rest!  I felt a little embarrassed…

After i left, I immediately went to the bank and took out a bunch of change for my wallet so that I wouldn’t run into a situation like that again, while specifically grabbing 25 pennies.  I walked back to the post office and plopped them on her counter and then gave her another quarter as “interest”!

It was awesome because I really never go to the post office so I’ll never see her again, but for a mere 50 cents (half of which I owed anyways) I gave us both a fun story to tell, and hopefully I made her day just a tad more interesting!

Blue-ray / VHS Combo Player

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Panasonic just released this nifty new device!  Hooray!  I can finally down-convert my Blu-ray’s onto VHS… They really don’t release these things like they used to!

// Read about it on Engadget

Coffee the Meal, Camera Tip, & Driving Stick

Monday, August 25th, 2008

My grandparents came over this afternoon for lunch with John and Karys!  It was a fun afternoon with the meal we dutchmen call “Coffee”!  Simple and fun.  John bought the new version of my camera – the Canon SD 1100… the only upgrade is that it has image stabilization!  I played with it a little and really wasn’t as turned off as I thought it would be.  People advised against it but it really wasn’t so bad.  The only real difference that I’m sad about is that the new model doesn’t have an option to record video at 60 frames per second like my Canon SD1000!  Little frustrating… as I really liked using it for a rad snowboarding video!  Still a cool camera!

Actually I discovered a new feature… I can customize the sounds the camera makes!  Here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Put the camera into playback mode
  2. turn it on if you haven’t already
  3. Hit menu
  4. go to the last tab, “My Themes” page
  5. Go down to the Startup sound option and go to the right to select the second or third options and push the middle button on the circle – set/function or something
  6. it will open a little thing where you can record a sound and then apply it as your new sound!

You can also do the same for things like the shutter sound and startup image!  It’s pretty nifty!

Anyways, Megan came by later afternoon to drop off my shampoo and conditioner I had her pickup… and I ended up going out for dinner with her to visit Brittany at work – I was planning on getting down there but hadn’t found anyone to come with yet so it worked out perfectly!  It was an awesome dinner, and afterwards I taught Megan how to drive standard!  It was awesome and she was pretty good – though Fiona didn’t like her a couple times when she stalled her!

I picked up more coffee on the way home and I’ve been relaxing chatting and stuff ever since.  I’ve gotta get some sleep though because tomorrow will be a long work day!  I’ve got Spencer coming in for real work, and then Corinne’s planning on coming to work on the edit for Chloe’s music video.  Tim just bought a bunch of new lighting gear that he wants to come by and setup and play around with, and we invited Sean to come play too… and Jason lives here so he’ll be right in there too.  Should be a crazy day.

I’ve also got an email from a columnist for a newspaper in California who wants to setup a phone interview about my film works!  I’m booking that for later this week cause tomorrow will just be insane.  Oh, and in other exciting news, I need to get to the post office tomorrow to send off 4 to 5 Servings as a submission for the Victoria Film Festival!  My first festival entry… wish us luck!

Chloe’s Music Video Shoot

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Last Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us went out and shot a scene for Chloe’s music video for The Masquerade, down at the False Creek Yacht Club.  We didn’t quite have as many extras on set as we would have liked, but we definitely made good with the cast and crew that was available.   I’ve uploaded a whole lump of behind the scenes photos:

Also, I quickly edited up a short highlight reel from behind the scenes: