Off To Shuswap

I woke up an hour ago, and it’s currently just after 10am.  I’ve showered and packed, and I’m just about to leave for Shuswap!  My parents and Vanessa went up almost a week ago and  have been having a blast from what I’ve heard!  Brian wasn’t able to get much time off work, but he squeezed up there a couple days ago and I’ll probably be passing him on the highway this morning.  Perhaps I’ll call him to meet up for lunch?

It’s raining hard outside now.  I hope it’s good weather up at Shuswap?  Either way, I’m sure I’m gonna have fun!  Rain just might mean less unicycling =P

Above is a photo of our Shuswap group last year… it’s huge!  This year we’re gonna have the smallest family group we’ve had in many many years.  I believe it’s only like 5 campsites, which is less than half the norm.

If you’re bored, I have some video of last year’s Shuswap vacation – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 – The fourth one was probably my favourite because it’s got a lot of us on our unicycles, and even some footage that I shot while riding the 5 foot unicycle!

Anyways, I feel like a kid who just wrote about his “super summer vacation” in his grade 2 english class so I think I’m just gonna take off down the road and go live it already.  Although I am going to be bored as heck, I’ve got a flashy new 8GB Zune to keep my tunes flowing!  Should be there in about 5 hours… putting my arrival at 3 or 4pm.

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