Vacation at Shuswap Part 4

Well, the beach certainly was an awesome time!  I splashed around in the canoe, and I got to try out Mary’s inflatable Zodiac kayak!  It was definately interesting!  It was fun to lie and roast in the sun a little, but one can only really take so much of sitting and doing nothing.

After the beach, I drove John to the store to show him my car and its stereo.  Later, I did the same thing with Tom!  They both seemed to like it …  I love my car!

We had a small and swift dinner, and then we went as a group for ice cream.  We unicycled as a group, but an improvpto raced spawned between Tom and I while I was using Vanessa’s small unicycle and it was certainly a challenge that really worked my legs and my cardio!  We came out extremely even speed, but both got some great exercise!  Almost equivalent to a good three hour hike.  After cones, we met at the Rupprecht’s campsite for the fire.  Being the last night for most of the group, we stayed out late socializing.

Each night it seems I’m writing in notepad later and later… each time probably about an hour later.  I guess it’ll help me adjust because I’m driving home tomorrow morning/afternoon.  I’ll probably stop at the internet cafe to post this just before driving home.  I certainly am glad I came out here and wish I could have stayed longer!  I’ve been coming to Shuswap since before I can remember, and it’s definately a welcoming and embracing place to be.

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3 Responses to “Vacation at Shuswap Part 4”

  1. John (yer Uncle) Says:

    I did like your sound system…just be careful with those subs otherwise you’ll need a hearing aid at 30!

  2. John (yer Uncle) Says:

    no metatags? Damn…I look like a noob now.

  3. Paul Romein Says:

    ta da – I fixed it for ya ;) Gotta use html tags instead of those square bracket ones…

    For example: <i>did</i> instead of [i]did[/i]

    But yeah – I’m keeping the subs mostly quiet…. ish… maybe…