Vacation at Shuswap Part 5

Well technically its not really part of the vacation at Shuswap – I drove home this morning.  That’s about it!  It was a magnificent clear day and traffic didn’t get in my way at all!  I listened to all of The Wall, followed by Dark Side Of The Moon, and then Wish You Were Here.  By that time, I think I was only around Hope, so I just put my Zune on random and listened to a random list made out of nearly 900 songs that I have on there!

I stopped at the coffee shop for coffee & WiFi to post some stuff, and I left by 9:30am.  With only one stop to go pee and buy a Vanilla Bean Frappiccino, I was home by 1:50pm.

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One Response to “Vacation at Shuswap Part 5”

  1. John (yer Uncle) Says:

    Things I won’t be missing about Shuswap:

    . The 4am “I gotta pee but it’s so cold” debate, followed by the “where’s the damn flashlight” grope.
    . Trying to get water from the tap but an RV is filling up its Zillion Litre tank.
    . RVs cranking up their generators, presumably to watch a wilderness film on their HD DVD.
    . Showers should be hot or cold, not hot, THEN cold THEN warm enough to lull you into thinking they’ll stay that way.

    Things I will miss (or loved about Shuswap)

    . Seeing all the family again (loved the Cows With Guns jam with Drew & Paul) You truly don’t get to know anyone unless you’ve talked with them around a campfire.
    . Oh Hell
    . Mafia games
    . The Crib Tournament
    . Golfing with the relatives
    . Cal’s rendition of Rindercella to Karys
    . Swimming (you left too early, Paul – it was warm like a bath when the temp hit 37°C)
    . The comfy mattress of the tent trailer (I sleep better there than at home)
    . There’s more, but this is your blog, Paul, not mine!