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Counting The Days

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Ryan Petrin is leaving today for a 5 month backpacking trip around Europe, and Greg is coming home today from his 10 month adventure in Australia!  Nate’s been overseas for over 3 months now, and my website turned 2 years old on Monday!

Lego Matrix

Friday, November 27th, 2009


Camera On It’s Last Legs

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Well, I just bought a new battery for my camera a couple weeks back and it’s been working great since!  About a half hour ago, I went to pull it out of my pocket, and all I got was the hand strap!  the camera actually broke apart from the strap!


The camera is still working beautifully, but it’s definitely got many many battle scars by now!  The battery compartment closes, but once you open it the battery slides out right away.  Normally there’s a little plastic latch to hold it in.  The whole thing has a huge creak to it, and the buttons feel like they are super weak.  etc etc.

Laughing Stock 72 Hour Comedy Film Competition

Friday, November 20th, 2009

FTE0479-ButtonOur monkeys will be out again this weekend creating another film for Vancouver’s Laughing Stock 72 Hour Comedy Film Competition!  We will be receiving our inspiration package this evening, and working tirelessly until we deliver it at 6pm on Monday.

Also, we just picked up the inspiration package for our contest this weekend:

  • Character Profile: Stan “the lady man” Hooplestein. Stan is a self-professed ladies man. In reality he’s a wannabe playa with no game, but his lines are out of this world. “Are you an angel because I swear you just fell from heaven?”, or “I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I sure can make your bed-rock.” Women often slap him in the face after his approach, which he wears as a badge of honor hoping someone will take his bait.
  • Theme/Common Thread: Contagious
  • Object: Really big old tape recorder deck. Size of a VCR.
  • Sub-genre: Slapstick/Screwball

Update at 8:10pm: I’ve just uploaded a few photos into my web albums with shots of the really big old tape recorder deck.

Where’s All My Pictures?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

For those folks who frequent my site, and enjoy surfing almost every photo I take… (which probably isn’t a huge crowd)… I’ve got good reason for not uploading anything recently! I lost my camera battery!! It’s been a tad annoying, but ever since I went hiking for a week in the Stein Valley, I haven’t been able to find the battery. I managed to snap over 800 photos on my amazing battery, and then I swapped over to a spare one I brought with for the last 200 shots, but when I got home I could no longer find my original battery. I also had a spare battery for my cellphone in the same little zip-lock bag, and they’re both missing.

Not to worry though, I’ve finally caved and ordered a new battery online and it should be here next week. I can only hope it will be as amazing as my first battery… and also that my camera will hold together a little while longer. Those of us who know my camera well know what I mean.

International Sweet Stache Competition

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Nathaniel has officially called upon his brothers to begin the competition for the sweetest stache. The man who can grow the sweetest stache, which will be decided by him, wins the competition. To enter, you must start clean shaven, and grow the best possible stache before January 1st.