One Thousandth Blog Post

Happy post number 1000 Mr blog!  I am happy to announce that this post, although it is about nothing more than the fact that it’s a celebratory post, is the thousandth one published to my blog!  In the WordPress dashboard, there’s a little report thing that I’ve screencaptured below:

WordPress: Right Now

To celebrate, I’d like to go over a quick little bit of history for my blog…

My first blog was launched on May 16th, 2006 under the address, but I only added tracking analytics eight months later when I began to consider myself a blogger by title.  After a year of playing around with my blog, I decided to commit to a new years resolution to “blog more”, which resulted in an amazing 436 posts in 365 days.  That’s 1.2 posts per day for a whole year!


Just look what blogging daily did to my analytics.  Clearly I became adddicted to this blogging thing, and even though I’m posting less often these days, it hasn’t really let me go since.  After a year of this new addiction of mine, I had reached aroung 200 visitors a week, and decided that it was time to finally develop my web presence.  On January 28th 2008, I purchased, and began coding.  It was just the following day that I launched my new site, and announced my departure from blogger, and went full steam into  The site was fully functional with some about me pages and I had also converted all my blogger posts over to my new WordPress platform.

Over the past year, I launched the site with my blog as the main section, and have developed the other main sections that I had planned from the beginning: about and film.


And along the way, I expanded my original skin’s width by 30%, wrote up some seasonal theme packs for it, and even found time to design my own photo album section which I have using as a major means of ‘photo-blogging’, and to help share photos with friends!

With a monthly average of over 1,200 visitors and over 5,000 page-views, I just celebrated my website’s one year birthday a couple weeks ago.  It’s been a truly amazing ride as a blogger of just under three years, this is nice milestone to celebrate.  Thank you especially to all of my visitors who frequent this site – It’s here for you.

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2 Responses to “One Thousandth Blog Post”

  1. Nate Says:

    Congratulations bud.

  2. Monkey's Uncle Says:

    Good going. Isn’t it about time you cleared out your, though?