Quick Flick Challenge 2009 Elements

We just entered into our annual 48 hour film contest, the Quick Flick Challenge, starting 7pm this Friday evening. We were provided with a randomly chosen inspiration package which must be used in our five minute film:

  • Location: Back alley
  • Object: Fisherman’s friend box with random contents (see photo below)
  • Character: Handyman
  • Line: It’s a dog’s breakfast.


Among other things, we will be judged on how well we incorporate our elements into our film. If you think you have an amazing idea based off this inspiration package, contact me or post it as a comment!

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One Response to “Quick Flick Challenge 2009 Elements”

  1. Adrienn Says:

    Yo yo!

    Nice package. Nice and random.

    I gots a couple of ideas. If you can take the things out of the box, then the lip balm you could just have one of the characters apply it during one of the scenes? Not creative but it get is in there. The bracelet they could wear. and the bear ornament could hang from like the rearview mirror in someone’s car? and the box, fill it with actual fisherman’s lozenges, and then take a lozenge out of the box for a soar throat or cough?

    uhh???? :)
    haha i dunno, kinda lame ideas but i tried!
    that’s my two cents for ya!

    Good luck and i’ll see you hopefully sunday night after you guys won! :P