Google Wave


Wave is what email would look like if it were invented today.”

And that is exactly what Google Wave is – revolutionary!  I just finished watching the hour and a bit video from the unveiling presentation made at Google I/O.  This product won’t be launched for several months now, but it seriously looks amazing.  It’s late and I should sleep, but some quick key points can be found in either of these two links:

It brings together chatting, emailing, social networking – and you can even drag and drop photos from your computer onto the website and it will share them instantly with whoever you have your wave open with.  They will be able to see the thumbnails right away, and the high-res versions will come shortly after – at which point they can click to put them into a full-screen slide show mode.

The most amazing part that I saw in the video, is how it can perfectly live translate chat between languages – literally to the millisecond as you type your message.  Seriously, check out the 1:12:44 mark in the video and your jaw will drop!

This amazing platform will revolutionize online social networking – just walking by my brother surfing Facebook after watching the video… Facebook looked extremely dull.  When Wave comes out to the public in several months, I can see this platform easily rivaling Facebook, and bringing my friends away from that monster.


On a side note – if you got a sec, check out Sky Map for Google Android phones!

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