Two Hikes and Canoeing

It’s been an awesome weekend!  I went on two hikes yesterday, and a canoe trip today! I tried to log our trek’s each time, but only a couple of them came out properly:

Saturday morning, Sheena and I went out to Jug Beach in Belcarra and hiked about 5.5km I believe.  Each direction only took us 26 minutes.  We also spent a bit of time wandering on the ocean beach!  The map data was fairly inaccurate, and only started logging half way to the beach on the way there!

After our hot morning hike, we stopped in for slurpee’s at 7-11, then wandered over to Minnekhada for yet another short hike!  This time, the GPS was way out to lunch (I guess it was having a bad day), so I have no map data.  However, timestamps on photos and Sheena’s stopwatch prove that we got down from the high knoll in just 19 minutes!  We really booked it and were running like crazy at the end!  Check out photos for both our hikes!

Today, Ray joined Sheena and I as we strapped the canoe to my roof and drove up to Widgeon Creek!  We set in around 2:30pm, and went for an hour in, then an hour out.  My GPS was really on the ball and logged our trek pretty amazingly – it’s crazy to see how we pretty much hit the end of the creek!  I also took a few good lookin photos you can check out.

View Widgeon Creek in a larger map

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One Response to “Two Hikes and Canoeing”

  1. CezainValsol Says:

    Hearty hellos to Ray and Sheena!

    Wow, do I ever miss out on some good times. That looks like fun. I literally can’t remember the last time I went canoeing or kayaking or anything like that, unless it was back in TERRA (Oh, right, “Bert” trip too.)Went river rafting back in grade…9 or 10 summer? Same year Mirko showed up. Last time I went hiking was with you, Paul, and with Craig, and I was wearing cargoes because I had no idea we were gonna go, lol :P.

    Eh, Paul, best I can offer right now is to show you me camera sometime like we talked about, so just let me know when is good.