Black Tusk GPS Log, Photos, and more!

We just got back down from the Black Tusk hike this afternoon, and it was amazing! The five of us had a blast – Nate, Sheena, Mark, Chloe, and myself! Yesterday we hiked about 18km from the parking lot, up to the top of the Black Tusk (the very top, even up the chimney), then back down to our campsite at Taylor Meadows. Today, we hiked 10.24km from the campsite down to the parking lot. A trip total of 28km!

I took a grand total of 562 photos (all on one battery – with juice to spare!) which you can find all of in my web albums!

I also brought my phone with me on airplane mode, logging our tracks via GPS.  You can check out the maps easily on google maps for day one and day two separately.

View Black Tusk Day 1 in a larger map

My phone battery died about 10 minutes into our descent down from the Tusk.  But it logged the important part of getting up there! A really cool thing that I just tried out was that you can download these KML files (day oneday two) and open the GPS log in Google Earth! It pops all the mountain terrain into 3D and has our little path along it! Also, here’s the screenshots from the GPS logging program on my phone called MyTracks with some more cool info:

Day 1 Data From GPS


Day 2 Data From GPS


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