Geotagged Photos from Elk Mountain

I did it finally!  I’ve been dying to play around with syncing my GPS logging with all the photos I take along the way for a few weeks now – just ask Sean.  This evening I got a little bit of time so I did some quick searching online and found a sweet free and opensource program called gpicsync which does exactly what I need!  Check out this link below to see an example:

I went up Elk Mountain this afternoon with Sheena – we hiked 9.90km and saw some neat tiny frogs along the way!  I’ve managed to quickly drop all my photos along the trail with that neat program according to the time and location they were taken!  I just need a few more hours to program a script to do all the small bits of work that it requires.  Then I can pretty much automate the process and have it geotag them in no time!


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