On-screen Keyboard for HTC Dream

Sean just picked up one of these phones, and of course he’s going to out-geek me with it.  Here’s the first trick he passed along to me!

Originally I thought I’d install this just for kicks, but it turns out that it’s actually kind of neat and helpful! This little “hack” for your phone enables the on-screen keyboard that is found on the HTC Magic, but only when your phone’s full keyboard is not opened. So for example, if you’re typing away using the on-screen keyboard (which is handy for single-hand typing) and decide you want to go faster or something – slide out the full keyboard and just keep typing away!

device4-200x300Here’s how to get it installed on your phone:

  1. Download Apps Installer from the Android Market
  2. Go to ‘4shared.com‘ and search for ‘HTC_IME.apk
  3. Download the Android package ‘HTC_IME.apk
  4. Put the .APK package onto your SD card
  5. Install the .APK package with Apps InstallerNote: If you need to remove the .APK package, you can do so under Manage applications. Under Manage, there is ‘Keyboard Calibration’ and ‘Touch Input’. Uninstall ‘Touch Input’ to get rid of the .APK package.
  6. After you install the .APK package with Apps Installer, reboot your HTC device
  7. After reboot, on the HTC Dream device, go to ‘Locale & Text‘ and turn on ‘Touch Input‘. From here you may adjust the settings and try the tutorial.

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