International Sweet Stache Competition


Nathaniel has officially called upon his brothers to begin the competition for the sweetest stache. The man who can grow the sweetest stache, which will be decided by him, wins the competition. To enter, you must start clean shaven, and grow the best possible stache before January 1st.

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8 Responses to “International Sweet Stache Competition”

  1. Nate Says:

    Mine is Started, who else is in?

  2. CezainValsol Says:

    Ha ha! Sorry, Nate. looking at the picture, this is NOT something I’d be able to get away with at work. Besides, I pretty much always have the chinstrap/beard/mustache.

    Plus, you haven’t told us what we win! Undying appreciation doesn’t count :P (However, I am willing to place bets if we can get a roster of who’s in this :P.)

  3. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    In the spirit of solidarity, I’ll do it too. I even have the OK from Rita when she knew it was Nate who was initiating this thing. Is it cheating if I’m 44 and had a ‘stache in my mid 20’s? Can ya handle it, dudes??? :)

  4. Nate Says:

    Thats just plain awesome. John, you’re great.

  5. B-Rye McFly Says:

    Well, I only found out about this less then a week ago but I plan to be a late entry.

  6. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    Can you imagine…all of us there at the airport welcoming Nate back – all the swarthy mustachioed gentlemen!

    Are mustaches coming back or are we starting a trend?

  7. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    Sadly, I have now shaved off the ‘stache today. It just looked and felt…weird. My bitter, er better half hated it, people were crossing the street to get away from me, and one family member “couldn’t take me seriously” (she shall remain nameless, right Vanessa?)

    I chatted with Nate briefly on Friday and and even he has, under orders no less, removed the hair between his nose and his upper lip. There is photographic evidence and visual confirmation by many that I had one from Oct 1 – Nov 15…hopefully this is enough to win me the prize for the sweetest ‘stache.

    What was the prize again?

  8. Paul Romein Says:

    Awww that’s sad =( You should send me a couple photos so I can upload it here! I’m working on filling mine in, but it’s still not quite there in a few places!

    So Nate went back to his awesome chin-strap?? That’s awesome buddy!