Laughing Stock 72 Hour Comedy Film Competition

FTE0479-ButtonOur monkeys will be out again this weekend creating another film for Vancouver’s Laughing Stock 72 Hour Comedy Film Competition!  We will be receiving our inspiration package this evening, and working tirelessly until we deliver it at 6pm on Monday.

Also, we just picked up the inspiration package for our contest this weekend:

  • Character Profile: Stan “the lady man” Hooplestein. Stan is a self-professed ladies man. In reality he’s a wannabe playa with no game, but his lines are out of this world. “Are you an angel because I swear you just fell from heaven?”, or “I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I sure can make your bed-rock.” Women often slap him in the face after his approach, which he wears as a badge of honor hoping someone will take his bait.
  • Theme/Common Thread: Contagious
  • Object: Really big old tape recorder deck. Size of a VCR.
  • Sub-genre: Slapstick/Screwball

Update at 8:10pm: I’ve just uploaded a few photos into my web albums with shots of the really big old tape recorder deck.

3 Responses to “Laughing Stock 72 Hour Comedy Film Competition”

  1. Monkey's Uncle's Wife Says:

    Let’s say Stan (the Man) tries to pick up a girl by telling her he’ll make her the next music sensation. Sure, he has a recording studio. But he doesn’t tell her it’s in his studio apartment. (Karys says hi, BTW), Hey, why not let me know what kind of script you have so far, & I’ll send you more ideas.

    Best of luck, Monkeys

  2. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    I can picture this guy as a “Leisure Suit Larry” type of guy. It’s an old computer game where you, the user must get Larry, er laid, despite his lack of game/looks/personality.

    Back in the 70’s, an essential ingredient in the ultimate bachelor pad is having sophisticated stereo equipment. If you could hook up your 4 channel receiver to the large Reel to Reel deck you have of mine, that’d look sufficiently cheezy for a bachelor’s “lair”. Your dad has an old Turntable in the computer room to completely make the vibe work. I see a good scene could be built from that…

    Think Austin Powers and google “Matt Helm” and “Our Man Flint” – Jason R. can help you with the vibe. Men were predatory on unsuspecting nubile females back then. I saw it all though my brothers (who are now 60 and 58). My generation had AIDS and other such stuff to inhibit this… :( Anyway, use it if ya want….and good luck Simians.

  3. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    Nice semi-live feed, guys (dog chasing scene).