A Note on Android Battery Life While Using GPS

The other week I went on a 1.5 hour hike with a fully charged battery and GPS tracked the whole thing with MyTracks and I came away with 30-40% of my battery left! Thankfully for the following week, I remembered to change my phone into airplane mode for the same hike and it still had 80% charge when I was done.

So for all you hikers & GPS trackers out there – remember to turn on Airplane Mode to make your phone stop wasting all its battery searching for a signal out where it has none!

Here’s how to do it for all the noobs – hold the power button down for about one second, and you will be prompted with the menu to the right here. ┬áTouch the “Airplane Mode” option. ┬áTo turn it off again, simply do the same thing.

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  1. Canadian Android Fan Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to use the GPS on my android (which I got recently from bell: http://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Operating_systems/Android.tab), but it drained the battery too fast. Knowing that airplane mode helps with that, I will be using my phone gps much more!

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