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Don’t click the Facebook Like button!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

From the article:

Facebook sometimes makes very curious decisions with respect to user privacy. Recently, one of them came to my attention, and it is so comprehensively wrong that I had to put up a public service announcement about it.

You’ve seen the Facebook “Like” buttons all over the Internet, right? Liking anything lets the owner spam you. No, really. If you doubt me, click the Like button on this page: you’ll find a message from me on your News feed (the big list where you see updates from your friends) within 5 minutes, unless Facebook has shut down this tech demo since publication.

Read the full article:

PS – This goes well with the new poll on the side of my blog!

240fps with Canon SD4000: Slo-Mo Reel

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Jason brought home a Canon PowerShot SD4000, which I’ve been dying to purchase ever since he showed it to me!  It’s basically the super version of my Canon PowerShot SD1000.  The major feature that everyone’s excited about is it’s ability to shoot at 240fps (frames per second)!  The following is a reel of us playing around with it over the last two days!

It should be noted in case anyone cares, that when shooting at 240fps it only comes out at 320×240.  The video here is basically blown up 2x.  It can also shoot at nice 1280×720 at 30fps (720p)… but you can’t do any other framerates aside from 240 and 30.  Oh well – buckets of fun already!

Drive-in Movies at Coquitlam Centre!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This evening, Mike and I went down to Coquitlam Center to watch How To Train Your Dragon on the Drive-In screen!  The evening was a bit of a novelty, as it’s not very oftem we get to go to Drive-In’s.  The big screen was setup on the roof where the roof-parking is, and facing out for all to see!  We got there relatively early, but the place was jam packed already!  …We found a better spot outside the designated area.

There were a bunch of trees in the parking lot that obstructed lots of people’s views, so we had a bunch of stupid people moving spots a lot toward the beginning.  The sound was being played loudly up toward the front (but it was really quiet even where we were) and was also broadcast over 89.5fm, so it was great listening to it with my car’s sound system!

They had three evenings that they’ve done this event, tonight being the last one.  Hope that they keep it up next summer!

Downtown Port Coquitlam Car Show

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

August 16, 2009
Car show: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Entertainment until 6:00pm

Hosted by the Port Coquitlam Business Improvement Association, Port Coquitlam’s Downtown Car Show provides visitors an incredible opportunity to see a range of unique, vintage and custom vehicles as over 300 cars, trucks and motorcycles line the downtown streets.

Admission is Free.

For more information visit

Dual Boot Your File Server

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

When my Windows XP “server” stopped working yesterday, instead of spending the time repairing the OS, I decided to split the C: drive in half and setup an Ubuntu dual-boot!  I’ll get around to fixing (or re-installing) Windows XP later when I get some time.

I’ve always wanted to setup Linux as my file server because it’s faster and much more reliable, but I’ve been a little fearful of what would happen should I screw it up.  Linux can be complicated, and I’m very familiar with Windows already.  This way (after I’ve fixed my XP boot), I can feel much better about running Linux as my server because if I ever screw up in Linux, I can jump right over to XP and keep all the files sharing properly without having to spend hours fixing it!

Now if you think a little further down the road to when I’m even more comfortable with Linux, it could still be a good idea to dual boot maybe two linux distros – or two XP installs – etc!  Not to say that those combinations are practical what-so-ever for most people, but just the concept is a little neat of being able to simply switch over to another OS and come back and fix the problem one when you have time.

Anyways, Ubuntu has been great so far, and so far seems like a great idea to host my files with.  And for those of you who are wondering – yes I’m running the desktop version and not the server.  My network needs aren’t all that complicated and the desktop version works great so far.  From poking at the Ubuntu Server edition, and even the Windows Server versions – they aren’t worth my time to learn them for the benefits I would gain from them.  Maybe one day.  But when that day comes, a smart idea for testing those would be to dual boot my server with something I’m familiar with so I always have a backup OS to keep my files going should I screw things up!  Aha – I’ve come full circle, and so my post is complete!

Mount Cheam Trail Report

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Mike and I set out from my place in Port Coquitlam at 4:40am, and drove all the way past Chilliwack and down some back-roads.

We turned off onto the Chilliwack-Foley Forest Service Road at 6:10am. Now, I did my research on how to get to this hike, and I found very strong recommendations about using a good 4×4 vehicle – but I decided my Subaru Forester would be good enough…. it barely made it! After I finally mastered the technique of getting over the dozens of humps built into the road and stopped scraping my trailer hitch on the ground, my clutch decided to get sticky and it was difficult switching gears! Then after a while, the engine started smelling bad so we had to take a break half-way up. It took us an hour and 16 minutes to get from the road to the parking lot at the top! I want to re-enforce to anyone planning to do it to have a car with MORE clearance than mine for sure. I don’t think I want to try it again with my car…. I’ll find a friend with a truck!

The weather today was extremely questionable, as it was supposed to be cloudy and clear up into the morning. For this reason, I brought a whole bunch of gear in the car and just put together my day-back when I got up there and could analyze the weather conditions. It was drizzling light rain, and really foggy. There was only one other car in the parking lot when we kicked off from the parking lot at 7:34am. Within 15 minutes, we were in the beautiful alpine meadows already!

Now here comes the best part of our trip! A stream had melted out a large tunnel in a huge snow bank…! Although DANGEROUS, so much fun to walk through!

Past there, we hiked straight on up the meadows and saw two tents a bit later on! We reached the summit at 9:12am. Unfortuinately it was complete a white-out and we didn’t get any sort of view. I’ve seen the pictures online and I know I’m missing out on something amazing! On the plus side – it just means I get to come back and do the hike again sometime!

On our way down, we saw two people hiking up to the top – they were from the tents we passed on the way up. They looked a little shocked to see us coming down at 9:30am, haha! The next people we saw were down near the bottom of the valley. Surprisingly, there were 8 people coming up the trail really near each other – might have been one or two separate groups. We had some fun hiking back through the snow tunnel again, and made it back to the car at 10:59am.

The weather cleared up a bit by the time we got back to the parking lot, but it still was foggy around. Don’t think there would have been a view from the top still. There were five cars now, and a group of ATV/dirt bike guys who were taking a break from riding around. Down the road a few minutes, there were a few more vehicles from people who wouldn’t make it up the steepest part toward the end. I saw one guy walking, and the other folks on the trail said they drove up and then switched into their friends car for the end.

I got the technique for going over those big berms down quite good and only really hit my trailer hitch twice and my front bumper two or three times. None of my bits fell off and there was no damage to my vehicle, so I consider it a success! Just a few scrapes on the front bumper (as you can see in a photo below). However, as I said before, I’ll seriously debate going back up in that car. Even with great technique, it still took us a full hour to drive all the way to the bottom – I checked on my GPS, and we drove up a vertical kilometer.

Now for links! First, here’s our Google Maps track:

And then the full photo album (244 photos):

For directions, I printed out the trail report from Club Tread:

The descriptions for driving to the trail head and for the actual trail worked out great – although my GPS tracked it at 11.8 km instead of the 8.5 km from the report. I also, clocked the elevation gain at 905 meters instead of 715m. Strangely contrary to those stats, it recommended 4.5 hours return, and we did it in 3.5 hours.

Paul Romein