Golden Ears Trip Report

I found an awesome website where people come and post trip reports on hikes they’ve just done, and I had to jump on board. From their homepage:

“Clubtread is an online community dedicated to the outdoors. We are a group of outdoors enthusiasts who get together online to share ideas, trip reports, photographs, and advice. Our message board is one of the primary methods to communicate with others, plan trips, and talk gear.”

Naturally, I had to post our Golden Ears trip report up there. You can find it at this url:

It’s pretty crazy because in the first 45 minutes, I’ve already had 45 readers and 2 comments. I’ve copied the content of my post below:

Living in the lower mainland, I stare up at Golden Ears every day. It’s kind of like the big mountain that’s just sitting there laughing at me for having never climbed it. I attempted it last year with my uncle, but he sprained his ankle at the 9km marker and we had to turn back. It’s been a long year looking up at it, but I finally assembled my team and we embarked on a “lazy” overnight trip up to the peak. There were five us us total – two of which had never hiked before. We left the parking lot at 8:50am.

We hiked into the first campsite which was half-way at the 6km marker (arrived 11:20am). As a group, we were energetic and decided to push onto the second campsite, which is at the 11km marker, instead of dropping our packs and going with day-packs the rest of the way. By the way – the only outhouse along the entire trail is about 50 meters past the first campsite. After the first campsite, the trail starts heading much more vertical.

Notice the switchbacks start just after the campsite:

For the two new people, I had lightened their pack to just their clothes and sleeping bag, but we had to carry one of their packs for them when it got steep.

Now there was a long stretch there where we ran really low on water. There was a stream just before the first campsite (approx 5.5km marker), and the next was just before the second campsite (approx 10.5km marker). This didn’t bode too well for my inexperienced hiker friends who needed the water =( We also stopped for lunch on the way. We arrived at the second campsite at 5:22pm. We were the first group up here that would go on to tent up here for the night! We relaxed for a bit before three of us continued on to the summit. We didn’t quite know the trail because there was lots of snow, so we kind of made our own path. Eventually we found the trail.

The view from the top is the best I’ve ever seen of the lower mainland. I went on a little stroll up Dog Mountain (up Seymour) later to compare it, and I still stand by the view from Golden Ears. It was awesome! We summited at 6:30pm.

Back at the campsite, I surprised everyone with a freezing cold bottle of white wine that I had buried in the snow before we started for the summit! We ate like kings! Idahoan’s Roasted Garlic mashed potatoes, three cheese smokies, and white wine, followed by tea & hot chocolate.

In the morning, we walked on down the mountain, leaving the campsite at 10:17am. The stroll down was much easier, as always. It was tons of fun boot-skiing down in the snowy areas.

We got back to the lower campsite at exactly 2:00pm. Down there, we wandered towards the river but it took about 10-15 minutes of bushwhacking to make it to the water and I would not recommend doing it. Just walk down the trail another 500 meters to where we stopped for lunch and there’s extra easy access to the stream. To pamper ourselves some more, we cooked the last of the smokies and Idahoen’s for lunch. Got back hiking at 2:50pm.

The last stretch was nice and easy, and we made it back to the cars at 4:45pm.

Lastly, here’s our Google Maps tracks:

Now for an experienced hiker like myself, it wasn’t bad at all, but this trip goes to show that with enough time and determination, almost anyone can get up that mountain! I’m really proud of our team for all their hard work – and I hope to have them come out again. After all, it’s all about getting out and enjoying nature with friends!

Paul Romein

PS: First time posting, and I probably wrote way too much – sorry!

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