What is Politics?

I was sitting down at my local coffee shop, when I was approached by a random young person who said she was from a Political Science class and is doing a small survey.  The paper she handed me simply asks “What is Politics?”.  What would your answer be?

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  1. Eh'm Eff Says:

    Maybe she was just trying to pick you up, Paul ;).

    I’d say Politics is anything where power, power structures, and power struggles, etc. are concerned.

    So if someone were to complain about work politics, they might be complaining about the interaction between a supervisor and a manager or something.

    The other examples are more obvious (actual government politics), but I suppose it could go even further than that.

    Take D&D, for example. Say there’s a supposed discrepancy about someone’s saving role. The person might say that the Dungeon Master has a vested interest in tipping the game to a particular player due to a favour the player might be doing for the Dungeon Master. I suppose that could count as politics as well, even if to a lesser extent.

    I could be wrong as there’s probably more to do with Politics than power. Other than lip-service to logic and the use of fallacious logic seen in philosophy (a bit biased of an opinion, I admit), I can hardly see what else Politics is.

    And uh, I’ll read your other posts too, stranger ;). Your new site set-up threw me off.

  2. Paul Romein Says:

    Well, unfortunately I saw her hand the same assignment to a bunch of other patrons in the coffee shop, as well as the staff that was working, haha! So she probably wasn’t trying to pick me up =(

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