Two Hikes with Ray’s Puppy, Grissom

This last weekend, I wanted to get out and do some hiking but the mountain tops still have lots of snow from the winter. I also didn’t have a hiking buddy to go anywhere more remote with. This led me over to a couple really popular hiking destinations: Buntzen Lake, and Minnekhada. And I got to bring Grissom (Ray’s dog) with me!!

Saturday morning I made pancakes, and loaded the puppy into the car. We drove to Buntzen – my first time driving with a dog in the car. I’ve never done the full loop around, so I just found the trailhead and set out. I didn’t know how far or long the loop was, so I walked until 4:15pm, and then doubled back to the car. Turns out from looking at my GPS tracks, that I almost made it half-way around!

View 2011-03-19 Buntzen Loop in a larger map

We clocked 6.5km, and when I got the puppy home, Ray said he wasn’t even tired!

…So the next, day I decided to take him out again! I decided that a lake loop trail was fairly flat, and I wanted to test him out a little more. I took him up a 280 meter elevation gain hike up Minnekhada. He was a super climber!

We made it down from the peak in 30 minutes, including stops for people to pet him! I think he was a little tired later on too. Here’s the GPS track from Minnekhada:

View 2011-03-20 Hiking Minnekhada in a larger map

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