Working Like A Boss

What does it mean to be a small business owner?  Well, at the point when your business is expanding rapidly, you work like a dog.  Over the last sixteen days, I’ve clocked over 200 hours (a regular full-time employee would clock just 96).  Also, this time doesn’t include transportation time driving to and from venues (Mission, Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Downtown Vancouver)!

The graph on the left shows the number of hours over time.  Yellow bars are weekends.

We’re in the middle of our dance competition season where we have the majority of our computers and equipment packed up in my car and we bring it to various theatre’s and setup a video, audio, and photo production station.  We do a variety of services including a one-hour video and photo service so dancers can take their performance home with them right away!

Above is a photo of my car and just how full it is.  Tim also has to fill the back of his car with our large printers and some LCD monitors.  And below is a photo of our edit bay looking down onto the stage.

I’m definitely thinking of getting a truck for next year.  It’s quite a complicated setup, and I keep thinking of ways to “box-it-up” more and make it more portable.  It’s a tricky balance though because we could invest money and time in developing a vastly more portable and boxed up solution, but we currently aren’t doing enough dance competitions to see enough of a return on the investment!  Problem being that we can’t take on many more without boxing it up because it’s such a hassle at the current time.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that in amongst all these dance competition setups, we’ve pulled out some of the production gear and filmed a few more shoots for Table Tennis University.

During all this, we also wrapped up and uploaded all the videos for Salon Business Expert because they needed them early.  There’s tonnes more work coming down the pipe too, and it’s been a challenge to manage it all as it comes in.  Thankfully, I have an amazingly dedicated team to help me out through it all and step in when things get tough or staff fall sick.

Good thing there’s a puppy at home to get me through all this =)

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2 Responses to “Working Like A Boss”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    That picture of your with the puppy is so adorable! Love the hat too!

  2. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    You should buy our old van!

    It’s sitting here doing nothing right now, so if you want to rent it………

    And yes, puppies and small children can get you through the toughest of crises.

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