Video of Riots after Vancouver Stanley Cup Loss

Before the game even ended, the madness began. Turned over cars on fire. Port-a-potties turned over. Windows broken. Stores trashed and looted.

Police pushed the crowd back forming lines with shields. Crowds kept coming pushing the lines and throwing things at them. More cars lit on fire.

As the night progressed, it become more and more violent and the Bay, London Drugs, and was broken into and looted. Clashes with police increased and arrests were made.

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One Response to “Video of Riots after Vancouver Stanley Cup Loss”

  1. The Monkey's Uncle Says:

    Not our finest hour. Shameful to see how a few hundred punks can instigate such terrible destruction.

    I remember before when we were in the playoffs, when it was called “The riot at the Hyatt”and Starbucks were trashed etc…but this was such a grander scale of destruction and the looters came in with a plan.

    I hope with all the 100’s of cellphones, cameras and surveillance that these guys get what they deserve.

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