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Google+ Killed My Website

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Ever since I started using Google+ around July of 2011, I haven’t been back to post much on my personal website here. Most of the tools I use here, are done up better, easier, and more social over there.

In the future I will code up something that reads my Google+ updates and pulls them back over to this website, as I value hosting my own content.

Unfortunately for now, I will not be posting much new content to this site. If you wish to follow me and see what I’m up to, just add me to your circles over on Google+.

Ocean Kayaking

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

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Three of us just got back yesterday from kayaking around the Gulf Islands! Our rugged seafaring crew was myself, Mark Bakker, and Roy Bakker. It’s been about nine years since I last did it, which is far too long to be away from such beautiful scenery and great exercise! We saw some spectacular things – most notable of which was a rogue beam of yellow sunlight peaking through between some islands around sunset. It only lasted about 3 or 4 minutes, but was probably one of the most spectacular things I’ll see in my lifetime.

Amazing Rogue Ray of Yellow Light at Sunset

We woke up just after 4am and took an early ferry over to Duke Point, then pitched into the water over at Cedar By-The-Sea.  On the first day, we paddled about 15km: across to De Courcey Island, down to Pirates Cove, across to Ruxton Island, and then a little further to our campsite on a little island. Our map book marked a campsite on a small island as a wilderness site, but I climbed up onto the tree-covered rock and wandered around for quite a while and couldn’t find a spot. We asked some locals who pointed us down to another small island where people often camp.  This is where we witnessed the amazing lighting, seen in the photo above.

Day two, we clocked about 16km as we went down Valdes Island and briefly saw Blackberry point, then went north up through Gabriola Passage to Wakes Cove, and settled on the south east edge of Kendrick Island.  Right beside where the West Vancouver Yacht Club has property! From there, we had a beautiful view of the horizon, as it was clear blue sea to the south east, and we could even see Vancouver on the horizon to the east! We even manged to see a small fireworks display somewhere down in the Richmond/Ladner area (no, it wasn’t the Festival of Lights because it wasn’t the right night or the right area).

For our final day, we had to time our traverse through Gabriola Passage to be with the tide, and it was still fairly rough.  We paddled straight back across the channel back to Cedar By-The-Sea.  Packed up the boats and took the ferry back home!  In total, day three was about 10 km, which puts us at a total of 41km traveled by kayak.

Short 5 Minute Highlight Video

View in High Definition?

This trip report was also posted on Club Tread.

Snowboarding: Snow Tunnel, Flips, and more!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

A couple weeks back, Christine and I went snowboarding… and built a tunnel, did some flips, and saw an awesome sunset.  This video was slapped together, but is highly entertaining!


Working Like A Boss

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

What does it mean to be a small business owner?  Well, at the point when your business is expanding rapidly, you work like a dog.  Over the last sixteen days, I’ve clocked over 200 hours (a regular full-time employee would clock just 96).  Also, this time doesn’t include transportation time driving to and from venues (Mission, Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Downtown Vancouver)!

The graph on the left shows the number of hours over time.  Yellow bars are weekends.

We’re in the middle of our dance competition season where we have the majority of our computers and equipment packed up in my car and we bring it to various theatre’s and setup a video, audio, and photo production station.  We do a variety of services including a one-hour video and photo service so dancers can take their performance home with them right away!

Above is a photo of my car and just how full it is.  Tim also has to fill the back of his car with our large printers and some LCD monitors.  And below is a photo of our edit bay looking down onto the stage.

I’m definitely thinking of getting a truck for next year.  It’s quite a complicated setup, and I keep thinking of ways to “box-it-up” more and make it more portable.  It’s a tricky balance though because we could invest money and time in developing a vastly more portable and boxed up solution, but we currently aren’t doing enough dance competitions to see enough of a return on the investment!  Problem being that we can’t take on many more without boxing it up because it’s such a hassle at the current time.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that in amongst all these dance competition setups, we’ve pulled out some of the production gear and filmed a few more shoots for Table Tennis University.

During all this, we also wrapped up and uploaded all the videos for Salon Business Expert because they needed them early.  There’s tonnes more work coming down the pipe too, and it’s been a challenge to manage it all as it comes in.  Thankfully, I have an amazingly dedicated team to help me out through it all and step in when things get tough or staff fall sick.

Good thing there’s a puppy at home to get me through all this =)

Two Hikes with Ray’s Puppy, Grissom

Monday, March 21st, 2011

This last weekend, I wanted to get out and do some hiking but the mountain tops still have lots of snow from the winter. I also didn’t have a hiking buddy to go anywhere more remote with. This led me over to a couple really popular hiking destinations: Buntzen Lake, and Minnekhada. And I got to bring Grissom (Ray’s dog) with me!!

Saturday morning I made pancakes, and loaded the puppy into the car. We drove to Buntzen – my first time driving with a dog in the car. I’ve never done the full loop around, so I just found the trailhead and set out. I didn’t know how far or long the loop was, so I walked until 4:15pm, and then doubled back to the car. Turns out from looking at my GPS tracks, that I almost made it half-way around!

View 2011-03-19 Buntzen Loop in a larger map

We clocked 6.5km, and when I got the puppy home, Ray said he wasn’t even tired!

…So the next, day I decided to take him out again! I decided that a lake loop trail was fairly flat, and I wanted to test him out a little more. I took him up a 280 meter elevation gain hike up Minnekhada. He was a super climber!

We made it down from the peak in 30 minutes, including stops for people to pet him! I think he was a little tired later on too. Here’s the GPS track from Minnekhada:

View 2011-03-20 Hiking Minnekhada in a larger map

View From the Office

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Quick 16 second video of the view from our new office!