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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Monday morning, I went downtown and shot for Studio 4 and Urban Rush. They also asked me about a very interesting Whistler proposition that I’m thinking about. Below is the two segments from the show that I actually worked on. The rest was interviews that I didn’t do camera for cause it’s just tripod work.



In the evening there was no council so I got to have an awesome video chat with Nate for several hours.

A little later on, Britt came over and we hung out!

Lickity Split & Insane Lineups

Friday, September 14th, 2007

The train came early this morning, arrived around 7:30 and left by 7:32, where normally it’s supposed to leave by 7:34. I was sure it was early because everyone else was surprised and running like crazy with me! Good thing I was slightly early… but I was still across the street when the train was stopped. I rushed my ticket sale, and made it on there lickity split.

Down at the tower, we were overstaffed for Studio 4, so I sat and watched to give the other volunteers more time on camera. Urban Rush was pretty awesome!

UR Lineup

What’s amazing is that I found out at the end of the show that on tomorrow’s show, we’ll be hosting Senator Larry Campbell, Weird Al Yankovic, and Gene Simmons (FROM KISS!!) I’ve got SO much editing tonight that I won’t be able to make it down… and I hope that you can realize just how much work that really means I must have to do tonight… URG!

Anyways, back at home, I met up with Mark Bakker and we worked out a shot list for the main group beach scene, and later had Jessy Boros over to draw them out nicer. If I get any time, I’d like to actually put it out a little more organized onto paper, so that it’s not just in my head. Though the work that we did today will really help.

Jason came back from work today and finally remembered to charge Nate‘s camera for me to keep using until I’m forced to mail it back to him. You’ll see more photos on here again… soon enough!

New Seasons

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Twas an early morning once again, as I went back downtown for my first time for this new season. Jason tagged along so that he could pick up some medium format photos he developed, so once we got downtown, I walked around with him for about a half hour before I headed into the Shaw Tower.

I noticed they have made a lot of progress since I was last down there on the new building behind the tower:

Studio 4 and Urban Rush both started off into new seasons on Tuesday, and since I only come down on Mondays and Thursdays, today was my first time helping out with the new setup. Studio 4 has these new big panel things in the background, which I personally find very ugly – especially when it’s sunny out and they become extremely overexposed. White doesn’t really work well as a background I find. Though I believe it’s a senior producer or some other big shot who doesn’t want to see the new construction trailers in the background. They won’t be there after a few months.

Screenshot from the show
Also, here’s the credits at the end of the show just for kicks! I mean, what’s the point in doing the show if you aren’t in the credit roll, eh? Aside from the experience aspect.

Studio 4 Line-up
Dr. Art Hister
Studio 4 Health Expert
The Latest Health Headlines

Brad Jalbert
Owner, Select Roses
Growing Beautiful Flowers

Urban Rush has these new spazzy graphics which were kinda neat. Other than that, and the moving of the plasma behind the hosts during the chat, it was pretty much the same and I liked that. There were a couple new volunteers I met, one was Cole and he was pretty sweet – he liked in Thailand for four years teaching English, and that’s where he met his wife! Very neat guy. The other girl I didn’t really get a chance to talk to because she was in the control room, and I was super busy. I was manning the camera in the Green Room where they cut to the guests at the end of the chat segment, and I also did the “check-in”s with the make-up girls. I handled that pretty damn smooth and flawless I thought.

I took a couple shots after-hours in the studio just for kicks:

Also, since it’s the beginning of the season, and I’m such a big nerd, here’s the whole show if you care to watch some or all of it!

UR Line-up

My train ride home was spent working on script planning, and I had a very pleasant drive home with the sunny clear sky and my windows down with the music blaring.

I took a beat to relax at home, before taking off down to the Saint St Grill over in Port Moody for dinner with Britt. We had an absolutely amazing time, and the meal was perfect. It was a magical romantic evening.

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007



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