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The Day’s Update

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

So I drove out to downtown to drop off Brit this morning, then I came back for a few hours before driving out to drop Waddell off at the movies, and Vanessa at a sledding hill.  Nate was supposed to fly home from visiting with his girlfriend and her parents up in Terrace, but the snowstorm canceled his flight in the afternoon, as well as their fallback flight later this evening!  They’re going to try and get a flight in the morning on stand-by, but it’s more likely that they’ll catch the flight around 3ish.  Just thought I’d pop out a random update.

A Day With My Darling

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Well, I will admit that posting on my blog again yesterday for the first time in a while felt pretty good! I woke up today feeling more accomplished and more on top of things!

Brittany came over this morning and we wandered over to the airport to talk to the folks over at Air Canada about one of her bags that they “lost” when she flew back from Milan over 40 days ago! The whole thing is a long story, but basically today went really well because we found out that her bag is in a warehouse in Montreal and we put in a request to retrieve it and she should have it soon! Hoorah!

Mom’s Birthday

Back at home, we had a small celebration with a few relatives for my Commander Keenmom’s birthday which was last week, and it was nice for Brittany to hang around and mingle with some of the folks a little. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and afterwards I spent my evening playing Commander Keen with Brit.

After she took off, I spent two hours taking apart, dusting out, and upgrading my file server Bob. He is now hosting a total of 3.6 Terabytes on his own… which accounts for slightly over half the hard drive storage I have in my house.

Bob’s Guts

You may need to click and make the above image larger to really see how much stuff I took in and out…