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Where’s All My Pictures?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

For those folks who frequent my site, and enjoy surfing almost every photo I take… (which probably isn’t a huge crowd)… I’ve got good reason for not uploading anything recently! I lost my camera battery!! It’s been a tad annoying, but ever since I went hiking for a week in the Stein Valley, I haven’t been able to find the battery. I managed to snap over 800 photos on my amazing battery, and then I swapped over to a spare one I brought with for the last 200 shots, but when I got home I could no longer find my original battery. I also had a spare battery for my cellphone in the same little zip-lock bag, and they’re both missing.

Not to worry though, I’ve finally caved and ordered a new battery online and it should be here next week. I can only hope it will be as amazing as my first battery… and also that my camera will hold together a little while longer. Those of us who know my camera well know what I mean.