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Celluloid Social Club

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009




A bunch of us went down to the Celluloid Social Club last night to watch some films. It was a packed house, and the evening went pretty late. Here’s a quick list of the films that were shown:

  • – Trailer for Nurse. Fighter. Boy
  • – Trailer for Talent Time
  • – Stationary Activity (stop motion film)
  • – Intervelometer (stop motion film)
  • – Gold! Gold! Gold! (12 min, drama)sarah
  • – The Airline Pilot (3 min, comedy)
  • – My Inventions
  • – Robogreed
  • – Promo clip for Rendez-vous de cinema quebecois et francophone
  • – Sarah In The Dark (10 min, dark comedy by Jennifer Halley from Battlestar Galactica)



The First Weekend Club is presenting an advanced screening of Nurse. Fighter. Boy next week which im contemplating attending.  Also those two stop motion films were created in a 48 hour stop motion film contest called Trick 17, which I’m extremely excited to enter this next fall!

What’s neat about going down to this venue is that after each film shown, there are usually directors, producers, actors, or whatever from the film that get up and answer a quick audience Q&A session.  I’ll be sure to try and come out again next month.

TV Series These Days

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Don’t worry I never write any spoilers.

I just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of Lost, season 4, and I have to say that I was actually happy with the new season.  Recently I’ve been fairly unsatisfied by Battlestar Galactica‘s third season.  Lost was just awesome and kept up to the standards I hold for it.

Seinfeld CastOn the tv-series note, I’ve started on working through the nine seasons of Seinfeld!  So far they have actaully been really hillarious with more laugh out loud moments that most tv-shows these days have!  I’m just about finished the second season.

All this recent time to watch movies and get abnornal amounts of work done has probably been provoked by not having a car at the moment (though we’re working to fix that soon), and Brittany has been house-sitting her Aunt’s place in Burnaby for the last two weeks.

Actually, I haven’t left my house since last Sunday…