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The Beverage Machine In Action!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

A few weeks back, I won a Tassimo Coffee maker! I picked it up from the store just a couple days ago, and have been brewing a whole bunch of delicious beverages for friends and I. Off the bat it doesn’t taste all that great, but add a couple spoonfuls of sugar and lots of people are really surprised and happy with how great it tastes! As somewhat of a coffee conosur, I find the taste fairly mellow compared to a drink made from a real coffee shop. It’s a nice little substitute, but they will never be as good as when they’re made by a human!

Here’s a little video I recorded of the machine in action!

The video also gives you a little tour of where I’ve placed it – as it’s now a part of my workplace! Sometimes a little too easy to just lean over and make a tasty drink!

My last note is that I cheated a little in the video, as to make a Cappuccino as I was doing, you first take a cartridge from the Espresso box (seen next to the machine) and run that through. After that, you put in the cartridge that is seen going in at the beginning of the video.

PS – New video player for my website too!