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Drive-in Movies at Coquitlam Centre!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This evening, Mike and I went down to Coquitlam Center to watch How To Train Your Dragon on the Drive-In screen!  The evening was a bit of a novelty, as it’s not very oftem we get to go to Drive-In’s.  The big screen was setup on the roof where the roof-parking is, and facing out for all to see!  We got there relatively early, but the place was jam packed already!  …We found a better spot outside the designated area.

There were a bunch of trees in the parking lot that obstructed lots of people’s views, so we had a bunch of stupid people moving spots a lot toward the beginning.  The sound was being played loudly up toward the front (but it was really quiet even where we were) and was also broadcast over 89.5fm, so it was great listening to it with my car’s sound system!

They had three evenings that they’ve done this event, tonight being the last one.  Hope that they keep it up next summer!