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Mount Seymour: September 4, 2010

Monday, September 6th, 2010

On Saturday, a friend and I did a little stroll up Mount Seymour. Left the parking lot at 2:20pm after paying just $3 for parking. Not really used to having to pay for parking when hiking, but still cheap and no worries! Also, I just got a new camera (Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS) and I had lots of fun taking photos up there! Really clear and beautiful shots!

Took just 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the first pump peak. Great view from there! Possibly even better than the actual top of Mount Seymour.

Also, here’s a short video of the view from the first peak:

We continued on and took a break on top of the second pump peak, and then reached the Seymour peak at 4:28pm.

On the way back, we had lots of left over energy so we jogged down the ski-hill area.

Some really fun terrain up around the fist pump peak and beyond, but lots and lots of people up there. Great to see people being active, but I like being a bit more alone with wilderness when I’m hiking. Overall, a nice little 11km stroll to keep the muscles warm! Took just 3.5 hours round trip.

Stats and graphs from my phone’s GPS app:

Here’s the GPS track on Google Maps:

Full photo gallery on my website (126 photos):

Would love to continue out to Elsay Lake sometime! Does anyone know of any trails that continue out even further from there?

Paul Romein

240fps with Canon SD4000: Slo-Mo Reel

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Jason brought home a Canon PowerShot SD4000, which I’ve been dying to purchase ever since he showed it to me!  It’s basically the super version of my Canon PowerShot SD1000.  The major feature that everyone’s excited about is it’s ability to shoot at 240fps (frames per second)!  The following is a reel of us playing around with it over the last two days!

It should be noted in case anyone cares, that when shooting at 240fps it only comes out at 320×240.  The video here is basically blown up 2x.  It can also shoot at nice 1280×720 at 30fps (720p)… but you can’t do any other framerates aside from 240 and 30.  Oh well – buckets of fun already!