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Bowling at New Place in Coquitlam

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

A few of us old chums went down to the new bowling place near Silver City Coquitlam.  It was my first time down there, and I found it pretty slick looking!  The wait on a Friday night was about an hour, which is about on par.  Some of us grabbed some bubble-tea from the strip-mall it’s part of, but we weren’t able to indulge in some beer because the restaurant isn’t open yet!  Here is a print out from our two games:

Legend: B Rye = Brian Romein, Fox = Karilee, Goob = Jessy’s friend, Lady XIV = Ange, MCWOO = Mike Waddell, OGIE = Jessy, Paulish = Me!

A neat new thing I learned this evening was from the guy at the beginning – it takes about 15 minutes per person for a game.  I took us on average about 13-14, but its still an awesome way to guess how long you’ll be bowling for!