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New Homepage Design

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I’ve been working on a few designs over the last month or so, and finally found one I like, and had time to program it!  I had a few main goals for the redesign, and I think I nailed them all pretty good!

  1. Make the Recent Activity feed larger and more focused on the newest items.
  2. Enlarge my main photo larger and a slideshow to showcase more angles of myself.
  3. Make it quick and easy to jump to the different sections of my website.

The best part about the design is that you can immediately see who I am when the page is loaded, without having to scroll at all.  Immediately, you see several photos of me, a short description, large links to different sections of my website, and even the most recent thing that I’ve posted to the site!

PS – the slideshow was created with jquery’s cycle.

What do you guys think?  Post me some comments!

Website Version History for TMM

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Over time, my company’s main website has had a few different faces. 2003 Techno Monkey Media Website

May 2003: Version 1

This first version was entirely HTML, written by myself back in grade 10. I believe it was launched the day we bought the domain, May 14th, 2003. There were about a dozen unique pages, featuring a services list of four bullet points, video samples such as Elect Spencer 2002, Elect Spencer 2003, The One, The Shuttle Program, and Kat’s Death. Of the seven main menu items, three of them only ever said “Coming soon” (Info, Prices, and Links). 2004 Techno Monkey Media Website

October 2004: Version 2

The second version of the website introduced CSS and PHP. The PHP simply displayed the main menu and grabbed the contents of the selected page through reading .txt files as the “database”. Within a month, version 2.1 was released, which contained upgrades to the main index file and filled in more .txt files as “database” elements. On the homepage, we sported the awesome cheesy slogan “Quality and Affordability”! On this version there was a nifty “drop-down menu” and tacky samples section with such jems as Paulish Can Do It, Local Jumps, Elect Spencer 2004 and more! The services section was slightly improved to include: Digitizing Slides & Negatives, Film Transfers, Multi-media Presentations, Photo Restoration (which we never got a single job for), and the two most amazing titles ever: Special Projects and Video Production. 2008 Techno Monkey Media Website

July 2008: Version 3

With almost four years dating the previous version, I had accumulated heaps more web-design knowledge, and with the addition of Spencer as the first “full-time” contractor/staff member, I had time to work on a new website from scratch.  Keep in mind at this point, I had launched and coded this personal site (see a previous post on it’s history). The site deisgn was written from scratch and first applied to our brand new website, and a few weeks later was adapted and improved for It was entirely PHP-based, and was the first design to include streaming flash video samples, and they were showcased right on the homepage. It also had AJAX driven Place Order, and Contact pages. Samples that graced the hompage of this site included Aerial Footage of Vancouver, Port Coquitlam Canada Day Celebrations 2008, Chloe Ellis – The Masquerade, and Store Wars at Cypress Mountain 2009. It was extremely flexible, which became its largest downfall when we started to fill it in and realized we could go on forever. In January of 2009, the header graphic was replaced with our new logo, and design on a new website had already begun. It was only online less than a year. 2009 Techno Monkey Media Website

March 2009: Version 4

The real reason I’m posting about my business site’s history?  We just launched this new one today! As the company is moving forward heavily into developing our base structure, we adopted a new logo to suit our more professional nature.

The process started with drafting literally dozens of graphical designs and narrowing the choices down to just one.  Following that, we wrote thousands of lines of code to make it all work and finally were able to spend oodles more time entering in all of the content.

The website went live to the world at 5:57pm on March 26, 2009.


Wikipedia Halloween Article Hacked

Friday, October 31st, 2008

It wasn’t up for long, but someone hacked the Halloween article on Wikipedia to look like the screenshot below:

It looks cool and all, but as far as hacking goes… Wikipedia is *cough* written by people.  Meaning it’s open to be changed by anyone, so that really wasn’t a huge feat for the hacker.  Though it was a little amsuing for a time!

Oh, and if you’re wondering – this spiffy look on my website is only for today and it’s my special halloween theme pack!  Enjoy the cool colors!

New Design for Fractal

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Spencer and I have been working our butts off over the past few weeks to do up a new look for his band’s website, as well as program a proper PHP backend which is fed by a MySQL database.  Hoorah – we went live a few days ago and everyone should check out our amazing new stylesheet!


Now 30% Bigger

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I’ve just finished up the first draft of the wider skin for my website.  It’s now in effect for just about everything.  It particularily looks awesome in the photo album section because you can see more photos on the page.

The wider blog skin makes me scared because I might lose formatting on some posts.  I’ve always had my blog fixed at this width so I’ve never had any issues.  We shall see.

Skinning Makes Mark Jealous

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Is it just a coincidence, or was Mark’s new blog skin influenced by my flashy new look? Check it out:

Mark’s New Blog Skin (450px)

His blog used to be a generic wordpress template, but he finally got around to tweaking it to match the look of his root domain: Looks good dude, now you just have to add a link to go from your blog to your website…