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Downtown Port Coquitlam Car Show

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

August 16, 2009
Car show: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Entertainment until 6:00pm

Hosted by the Port Coquitlam Business Improvement Association, Port Coquitlam’s Downtown Car Show provides visitors an incredible opportunity to see a range of unique, vintage and custom vehicles as over 300 cars, trucks and motorcycles line the downtown streets.

Admission is Free.

For more information visit


Monday, August 11th, 2008

Today certainly wore me down! I was up “last night” until around 7am doing finishing touches programming a completely AJAX content management system for the film section on paulromein dot ca. I dropped asleep fast, but was woken up abruptly to my dad complaining that the network was going crazy! I was planning to oversleep a little, but I ended up getting up at 11 like I was supposed to. After fidgeting under the stairs with our routers, I found out that our 8 port gigabit switch has malfunctioned and can support only four computers now. If I plug in a fifth, it starts flashing all of the lights! So we’re gonna have to get a new one.

I got down to work with Spencer, and did up about an hours work before I got a phone call from Brittany. She was going downtown for a fairly important casting for her modeling… but she had just locked herself out of her house! And with no keys, she couldn’t use her car either! She was asking me for numbers for lock-smiths, but being that they wouldn’t get there in time for her to be able to make her casting, I insisted that I drive her! So I dropped absolutely everything, and gave quick instruction to Spencer that I needed to get Chloe in for recording, and I took off within the minute.

I picked her up and we made it downtown with thirty minutes until the casting was over. One problem remained: the shoes she was gonna wear were inside her car because she didn’t want to forget them! She had plan flat shoes on, and definately couldn’t go to the casting in them. I have never been so focused on brainstorming where to get a pair of shoes in my life!  Shoes have never seemed so important! Bah…

I had to find parking, so I dropped her off and she ran off to find shoes with the plan that we’ll meet outside the building she had to go to just after 2pm. I parked and sauntered on down there… getting hassled by tonnes of bums begging for money along the way! I was there early and waited at an outdoor table at a cafe next-door. No sign of her – either she was in there or wasn’t there yet.

It wasn’t until 2:15 that I finally saw Brittany again – she was barreling down the street with an Aldo bag over her shoulder!  It was definitely a precious sight I won’t ever forget!  I couldn’t help but laugh because of the extreme contract to I – sitting calmly relaxed drinking coke from a can!  When she got to me, we burst out laughing, but she got quickly done up and jumped on inside.

We called a locksmith on the way home… taking a very relaxed pace.  I dropped her at home and continued on my way back to work.  I returned home four hours after my hasty departure to find Spencer had successfully followed up on the seed I planted to get Chloe in for recording.  Not only that, but he had also laid down some amazingly quick instrumental synth’d tracks to accompany her vocals for the song!  We’re doing some early recording for a song that we’re gonna be making a music video for over the next two weeks!

After a some meetings with my dad while Spencer and Chloe “worked”, I finally realized just how exahused I was.  Spencer took off, and after doing some planning with Chloe, Mark picked her up and they headed downtown for a dinner to celebrate their six month anniversary!

It was far too early to sleep, so I chugged along doing a little work and web design until Jessy came along and easily convinced me to have a Red Bull!  Perfect idea because it would give me the energy to actually do stuff until it was late enough to sleep, and then I would crash even harder when it wore off!

It worked like a charm…  I feel uber beat.

Worst Series of Events Ever

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I got rear-ended today. I was driving over to pick up Brittany to head downtown for the EyeLens Film Festival because I was a nominee in the category of Best Presentation of an Issue for my Silence of the Lamps film. The accident happened at 11:59am on Barnet Highway just before the Value Village.

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It was raining out, and traffic had stopped at the light. There was a 5-ton truck in front of me, and I stopped a full car length behind the truck. Within a second after I had come to a complete stop, a SUV slammed into my rear, pushing me into the truck in front of me. As I slid forward, I had enough time to pull the hand brake, but I still gently contacted with the truck. The top of my front hood scraped against his rear, and my passenger side light assembly contacted the right side of his rear bumper. I’m not certain how fast the SUV was traveling, but it was hard enough to knock the toque off of my head and drop it on the seat behind me.

Subaru Damage 1

Subaru Damage 2

Subaru Damage 3

Rear-Ended Scene

Afterwards, I drove to Brittany’s place and took a second to relax before we drove the Subaru to my house because it isn’t really drive-able with the back smashed in like that. We took her car and headed downtown to continue with our day. The film event started at 1pm, so we were obviously going to be late. Things got worse when we hit construction on Hastings and were detoured down to Water street, which then had a concert being setup at the end of it. We sat for just over a half-hour in traffic moving only a few blocks which forced us to be even later! To top off all of our luck, when we got to the door with our tickets, the guy told us that they had exceeded the limit for the fire-code and actually couldn’t let us into the theater! He said we could wait around in the lobby until some seats opened up, but after a minute or so of badgering the door guy, someone came out and told us there were a few seats so we scrambled on into the theater for the beginning seconds of a film that I was in, titled Going the Distance! Good luck… yeah right. Looking at the program, it turns out that my film was the one just prior to this one, and we missed it because we weren’t allowed in for those minutes that it was playing! This series of events has got to be the worst that has ever struck me.

After a short time there, we left and walked several blocks down to the pub Brit and I always go to when Guitar in Pawn Shop Windowwe’re downtown and we had a beer and relaxed. On our way home, I saw a sweet guitar in the window of a pawn shop, and because I had just been talking about wanting a guitar the other day… and since it was only advertised as $35… We entered the pawn shop and I bought my first guitar!

We drove home and I filed my ICBC claim online and then I took off and went down to film the closing session at Youth Day. I was a little on edge still when I got there, but it was actually quite fun. I walked home afterwards because I ditched the camera in the truck with my dad because he was over at Terry Fox watching Vanessa in the school play… and I didn’t have a car to drive home either. Anyways, it was a very nice walk home, and I’m quite happy to be physically okay after the accident. At least for now that is – I hear that if there is any pain it usually doesn’t show up for the first 24 hours or so. We shall see, but I’m happy to announce that I’m in good shape and not all bitter about what happened. It was just an accident and I’m fine… so I’m happy.

I had a relaxing night after Youth Day. I tuned my guitar and then spent an hour learning some stuff on it.