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Happiness from Estonia

Monday, February 11th, 2008

I just received an email through my YouTube account from a kid from Tallinn, Estonia. I didn’t even know where the heck Estonia was until I Google Map’d it. His message goes as follows:

“OMG plz look my lego star wars stopmotion video on say how do you like it…Sorry if you think i copied but i just love your movie BTW MINE IS ABOUT X-WING FIGHTER :D”

He also attached the following video to his message:

It’s been almost a year since Greg and I crafted our stop motion, and I’ve seen dozens of creations now that have been directly inspired by our work. This one really struck me because of it’s direct copy including how they ran around with it at the end. I also have been in email contact over the past week with a guy who’s kids saw us at the Edmonton Science World back in November talking about stop motion – his kids were inspired by our talk and have created these two stop motions:

Aside from all the ones that I know about, I’m certain there are dozens and dozens more that I haven’t seen. I’m also not saying it’s directly related, but I’ve also noticed (both from myself and others) that there are a heck of a lot more stop motions out there over these past few months. For my work to have touched and inspired so many souls really is inspiring for me to keep doing what I do.

Seeing this video tonight from a guy who spent hours mimicking my work in a country I have never even heard of… that really made me happy, and I just wanted to share it.