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The Day’s Update

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

So I drove out to downtown to drop off Brit this morning, then I came back for a few hours before driving out to drop Waddell off at the movies, and Vanessa at a sledding hill.  Nate was supposed to fly home from visiting with his girlfriend and her parents up in Terrace, but the snowstorm canceled his flight in the afternoon, as well as their fallback flight later this evening!  They’re going to try and get a flight in the morning on stand-by, but it’s more likely that they’ll catch the flight around 3ish.  Just thought I’d pop out a random update.

Flying to Edmonton For The Weekend

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I just thought of this yesterday, but I realized that I don’t have much on the go after the proposal was completed and submitted today!  The trip actually won’t interfere with work much anyways, but I booked a flight out to visit with Nate for the weekend!  I’m flying out in the afternoon on Friday and returning Monday by 10:30ish.  After my drive home from the Abbotsford Airport I’ll be back at work before noon!

There’s supposed to be a “fight night” on Saturday, so we’re definately getting out to the pub for that.  But I’m certain we’ll spend a good chunk of the time one on one sitting around with a beer!  It’ll be awesome to get away and have a little vacation.

Song of the day – “It’s All Been Done” by the Barenaked Ladies!  Go listen to it… I swear someone should make a cover of it to add to the joke!

Aerial High-Def Footage of Vancouver

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, Christine Yablonka took a myself, Mark, and Greg flying this morning!  I brought along my high definition camera and recorded a whole bunch of stock footage for random things!  Below, I have edited it into a really entertaining 5 minute highlight reel of Greater Vancouver from the air!

Obviously the footage above isn’t being streamed in high def, but I do have it available so I can watch it all on my TV, or burn it in Blu-Ray soon for people and such!

The camera work was mostly done by myself, but Mark did handle it a fair bit!  The music is from an artist named “Hannah Georgas“, and the title is “All I Need”.  She surprisingly actually hasn’t been “picked up” yet – And she has a CD release party this coming Thursday… check out their myspace for more details!  I’ll be at Jack Johnson so I can’t make it – gah!

For my evening, I went mountain biking with Mark and Greg up Burke mountain!  It was awesome… and it was also my second time ever!  I did pretty well considering.  Later on I also dropped by Spencer‘s backyard band barbque thing which was pretty chill and cool.

Flying With Christine

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Simply as the title says!  It was amazing!  Here are lots of photos:

And at the end of the flight, we all recorded Christine Yablonka as she took us in for a landing – at the same time!  This video below is all shot simultaneously from the three different angles!

We flew from Pitt Meadows Airport across to Port Moody, over my Grouse Mountain and over to Horseshoe Bay.  Up and over the ferries and stuff and in around the bunch of islands out there… then turned around and started back.  On our way back, we surprisingly were granted permission to actually fly full loop overhead downtown Vancouver!  It was absolutely amazing!

I shot a bunch of footage with my HD camera and I have yet to edit that into a shorter reel – but it will be posted when I complete it!