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Day of Small Activities

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I played guitar hero and finally beat Rock This Town, and the after several attempts I beat the encore song for that set, and now have access to 4 new Expert songs finally!

New Set in Guitar Hero

I relaxed today and did a whole variety of activities too.  Ranging from archery, to unicycling down to the market to get eggs, to programming a part of a CMS for my website, to watching TV for 5 minutes, to roller-skating with Brittany.  I also spent a good deal of time playing around with my new guitar, and I have a small semi-embarrassing showcase reel to show off my new skills:

A Great Big Slice of Council

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I spent my morning and afternoon working with Spencer on some projects – and Bob was giving us a whole whack of trouble with its hardware and all, getting the new drives up and running.  I spent the majority of the day paying attention to Bob.  For a break around 2ish, Spencer and I played some guitar hero but since I couldn’t get my wireless one working we played solo and took turns.  Now this little story requires a bit of back-story:

Paul and Fader Guitar Hero 2Back a few months ago when I was a Guitar Hero addict, I got really freakin far in the game and got stuck on a set on Expert setting where I had two songs (Crazy On You and Rock This Town) that I couldn’t beat and I couldn’t actually get any new songs in story mode aside from those two.  I tried and tried and couldn’t beat them and eventually drifted from the game.  For my first song today, I kicked ass at 98% playing Parasite on hard, so for my second, I dared and attempted Crazy On You on Expert.  My first try, when mostly just showing to Spencer just how damned hard the song was as a joke, I actually managed to tough my way through the whole song and beat it!  I later tried the other one, but only made it 57% of the way through and had to get back to work.  I’ll be sure to try again soon though in hopes of unlocking a new set of songs finally!

Anyways, back to my day.  At 5pm, I made my way over to PoCo city hall and joined the Shaw crew for our weekly council coverage.

Council Screens

Now this day definately goes down in history – we ordered 3 medium pizzas from Papa Johns for our crew of four.  In roughly 15 minutes, I had eaten 5 slices.  Considering a pizza was 8 slices, that was a fair chunk!  But wait – it gets better!  We had iced cream for desert, and then I launched back into eating the pizza, and within a 40 minute sit-down dinner session I had eaten 8 slices, meaning an entire medium pizza!  Today definately goes down in history.  Even as I write this at midnight, six hours later, I’m still very full.

Pizza Crums

Council ran fairly long, talking for over an hour alone on homeless which grew tiring, but I was mostly interested by a map sitting over against a wall which I was looking at for a good 20 minutes before dinner because it has some very interesting and detailed things in my area that they will be working on in the next few years according to their Official Community Plan.  Take look below and I was mostly interested in the new extensions for Freemont:

Map of Poco with OCP Ammendments

Also, as a random fact of the day, I didn’t actually wear my binary watch, and it was very missed by my wrist.