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Vacation at Shuswap Part 3

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

This morning started off by heading down to church in Chase – having to wake up at 8am for it was a challenge.  The best part of my vacation came next, as the whole family migrated over to the Quaaout Lodge for an all you can eat brunch as we do every year!  It was delicious pancakes, bacon, waffles, and even omlettes cooked custom right in front of you while you wait!  It’s a delicious place to eat, and we’ve been going there for several years now as a huge family group.  Though it really is funny how we think of ourselves as a small group this year because we’re only five or six campsites!

I just got back from brunch and I thought I’d jump back over to this cozy little coffee shop where I can sit and use their free wifi.  It’s so peaceful and laid back sitting here and sipping my coffee.  I’m just uploading some photos and the video from the last post so you can all see my amazing guitar skills!  My fingers hurt from playing for so long yesterday.

Off to the beach now for me!  Cheers!

Vacation at Shuswap Part 2

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

I sit here again in my tent trailer typing in Notepad!  It’s been a very entertaining day today for certain!  This morning I woke up somewhere around 10am – though I can’t be certain because I haven’t been wearing my binary watch.  My parents made up pancakes for breakfast, and shortly after I drove a few minutes down the road from the campsite to a coffee shop that has free WiFi.  I uploaded photos and used VNC to connect to use my home computers.  I attempted to start processing thousands of photos from our dance competition into web format, but I had some bumps in the road.  I also checked my email and chatted a little… I went a little overboard and spent just short of three hours there!

I arrived back at the campsite to find that a bunch of the family had already headed down to the beach because the weather had gotten really sunny!  I got changed and went with my mom to join the group where we played in the water for a while!  It was nice to lay on the beach with the warm sun – it was awesome because it wasn’t too hot or too cold!  The water was even vastly warmer than other years!  I hope to get back down there sometime tomorrow maybe!

After the beach, the family met back at our campsite for a group spaghetti dinner!  Everyone brought either sauce, noodles, salad, or desert, and we all piled together to have a mass grubbin’.  Immediately after dinner, a bunch of unicyclers went out to the street so we could take some photos of our group!  I even got Vanessa up on my 5-foot giraffe unicycle!  The rest of the evening everyone hung around a good five or six hours at our campsite socializing and playing games like O-Hell.  John, Drew and I were even playing around jamming on our guitars (hoorah for Cherry Blossom!) – and I even got to do my very first performance to the song “Cows With Guns“!

Anyways, I’m having fun up here, but one thing I miss is having someone roughly my age to hang out with.  The closest on my younger side is probably about 16 or 17, and on the older side is probaly like 30 or older.  Being 21, I’m mostly hanging out with the older crew, but it’s been fun nomatter who I’m talking to!  Family is an important aspect to life, and I’m really enjoying it to its fullest up here!

Day of Small Activities

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I played guitar hero and finally beat Rock This Town, and the after several attempts I beat the encore song for that set, and now have access to 4 new Expert songs finally!

New Set in Guitar Hero

I relaxed today and did a whole variety of activities too.  Ranging from archery, to unicycling down to the market to get eggs, to programming a part of a CMS for my website, to watching TV for 5 minutes, to roller-skating with Brittany.  I also spent a good deal of time playing around with my new guitar, and I have a small semi-embarrassing showcase reel to show off my new skills:

Worst Series of Events Ever

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I got rear-ended today. I was driving over to pick up Brittany to head downtown for the EyeLens Film Festival because I was a nominee in the category of Best Presentation of an Issue for my Silence of the Lamps film. The accident happened at 11:59am on Barnet Highway just before the Value Village.

View Larger Map

It was raining out, and traffic had stopped at the light. There was a 5-ton truck in front of me, and I stopped a full car length behind the truck. Within a second after I had come to a complete stop, a SUV slammed into my rear, pushing me into the truck in front of me. As I slid forward, I had enough time to pull the hand brake, but I still gently contacted with the truck. The top of my front hood scraped against his rear, and my passenger side light assembly contacted the right side of his rear bumper. I’m not certain how fast the SUV was traveling, but it was hard enough to knock the toque off of my head and drop it on the seat behind me.

Subaru Damage 1

Subaru Damage 2

Subaru Damage 3

Rear-Ended Scene

Afterwards, I drove to Brittany’s place and took a second to relax before we drove the Subaru to my house because it isn’t really drive-able with the back smashed in like that. We took her car and headed downtown to continue with our day. The film event started at 1pm, so we were obviously going to be late. Things got worse when we hit construction on Hastings and were detoured down to Water street, which then had a concert being setup at the end of it. We sat for just over a half-hour in traffic moving only a few blocks which forced us to be even later! To top off all of our luck, when we got to the door with our tickets, the guy told us that they had exceeded the limit for the fire-code and actually couldn’t let us into the theater! He said we could wait around in the lobby until some seats opened up, but after a minute or so of badgering the door guy, someone came out and told us there were a few seats so we scrambled on into the theater for the beginning seconds of a film that I was in, titled Going the Distance! Good luck… yeah right. Looking at the program, it turns out that my film was the one just prior to this one, and we missed it because we weren’t allowed in for those minutes that it was playing! This series of events has got to be the worst that has ever struck me.

After a short time there, we left and walked several blocks down to the pub Brit and I always go to when Guitar in Pawn Shop Windowwe’re downtown and we had a beer and relaxed. On our way home, I saw a sweet guitar in the window of a pawn shop, and because I had just been talking about wanting a guitar the other day… and since it was only advertised as $35… We entered the pawn shop and I bought my first guitar!

We drove home and I filed my ICBC claim online and then I took off and went down to film the closing session at Youth Day. I was a little on edge still when I got there, but it was actually quite fun. I walked home afterwards because I ditched the camera in the truck with my dad because he was over at Terry Fox watching Vanessa in the school play… and I didn’t have a car to drive home either. Anyways, it was a very nice walk home, and I’m quite happy to be physically okay after the accident. At least for now that is – I hear that if there is any pain it usually doesn’t show up for the first 24 hours or so. We shall see, but I’m happy to announce that I’m in good shape and not all bitter about what happened. It was just an accident and I’m fine… so I’m happy.

I had a relaxing night after Youth Day. I tuned my guitar and then spent an hour learning some stuff on it.