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Widgeon Creek: Sept 12 & 18, 2010

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Canoed up Widgeon creek and hiked up to the falls two weekends in a row. I figured I’d just post them under the same TR. The canoe part is 9.0km round trip, and the hike is just 6.0km round trip.

Lots of wildlife out there – we saw several blue herron, a few hawks, a couple tiny frogs, a bunch of small fish, and we were even lucky enough to spot a family of three otters!

Last Sunday, Sept 12, it was a last minute decision around 3pm because another friend bailed on a hike and I still wanted to get out and do something active that weekend. There were two of us, and we weren’t sure exactly how long the trip would take. I’ve done it once before many years ago, and the trail description on CT wasn’t filled in. It was exciting to GPS track it and fill in the missing details here on CT once I got home!

In short, we took our time on the way out clocking about 2 hours 15 mins, then sat for 15 minutes before realizing the time and had to rush back… barely made it back to the dock before dark. We ran/hiked and canoed all the way back in just 1 hour 18 minutes! Interesting to note that we didn’t see a single other person the entire trip…. probably attributed to how late in the day on a Sunday we went.

On Saturday, Sept 18, four of us piled into my canoe and we all had paddles! It was easier steering in the back because we were weighed down a lot more, and had a lot more power moving us forward. I checked the tide charts the day before, but even pitching in 3 hours after low tide wasn’t the greatest to canoe in…. especially with the weight of the four people. We bottomed out several times. There was a group of about 15 people that set out the same time as us in their rental canoes. They fell behind after about 20 minutes.

We took our time and still got to the campsite in just over an hour. Already parked at the campsite, there was a scouts group! Lot of people milling around. We hiked up to the falls and back, and the weather bounced from light rain all the way to clear blue skies and sun!

We enjoyed a gorgeous canoe ride back under the warmth of the sun! The tide was a little better on the way out.

I also edited up a short HD video to showcase what the canoeing, hiking, and the falls look like:

Full photo album for Sunday Sept 12 (165 photos):

Full photo album for Saturday Sept 18 (198 photos):

Paul Romein

Hiking Dog Mountain (Seymour)

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Since today was BC Day, I found I had an extra day to get a few things done.  Among the list was a trip downtown, so I figured what the heck – let’s do a short little hike out that direction.  It was a little bit of a double back from downtown, but I had a nice lunch down at Deep Cove anyways.  Sheena happened to be coming back from Squamish perfectly with all her gear and such from climbing and camping this weekend so I got her the phone and she was keen to come on out and get some more exercise!

I had heard from my uncle that this short and easy hike had a really nice view of Vancouver – and it didn’t disappoint.  However, today was a little overcast so it was a little hard to see.  You can check out my photos here:

For a total of a 5km hike, with just a few ups and downs (no real elevation gain at all), this was a great little hike. The terrain kept going up and down evenly, and there were a ton of roots all over the ground.  We saw a lot of small children, dogs, and families.  Not my usual cup of tea, but it would be one I’d start getting someone into hiking with!

I christened my awesome new real Swiss Army Knife (a gift from Harley – thank you!) up there by using it to open a Heineken that I carried up there!

View 10-08-02 Dog Mountain (Seymour) in a larger map

Diez Hike

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Greg Radz came out with us this morning too for our 5:45am hike! We clocked 9.61km in an hour and 43 minutes.

View 10-04-13 Diez Hike in a larger map

Diez Hike with Ray

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

This morning I took Ray up the place where I do the morning hikes – we did a crazy side trail on the way up which was really intense, and we got a great workout! We clocked 8.6km over an hour and a half.

View 10-03-14 Diez Hike in a larger map

My Tracks – Minnekhada

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Yesterday evening, Sheena, Nate, and I went for a quick hike up Minnekhada to build up an appetitite so we could chow down on a couple platters of Nacho’s later!  I believe it’s my first hike with my phone, so I ran this app called “My Tracks” to record our path via GPS.  At the end, I hit a button and it uploaded it to Google Maps:

Also, it’s got a couple more pages where it can show you your stats, and also a cool graph on your elevation change.


It even takes out the time when we were sitting at the top for 20 minutes, and gives us an average speed when moving! Neat stuff – I’m definitely going to use this one more!

The Day Must Go On

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Yes yes, an amazing view… but I’ll get to that in a sec.

I finally upgraded my wordpress version about two days ago… only to find out yesterday through an email from Mark with lovely little subject line reading “Looks like you updated just in time…” and I handly little link to a new version that was release today!  Gah – they only update every several months, and it figures that my luck drops it on today!  Oh well, better today than a week from now… but it could have been a day earlier!!  … At least the upgrading process is fresh in my mind.

I did up some hot dogs on the barbeque for lunch for Spencer, Corinne, and Christine who dropped by for lunch.  The rest of my afternoon was simply working.  Although there was another email from Mark over in Europe asking how to connect to the net through an ADSL.  After a quick phone call over to Craig to confirm my suspicions, Mark had solid two-geek trans-continental certified advice in a matter of minutes.  … Turns out that he instead just found some nearby free wifi signal.

The evening rolled about and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to give Christine a ring because I knew she wasn’t doing anything.  It didn’t take any convincing to get her to head up Minnekhada with me a few minutes later.  It was a fun little hike, and it took us under an hour to reach the high-knoll.

Here’s a little animation on the how fast we got up there:

You can check out a bunch more photos from our hike in my web albums.

After I got back from the hike, Shenna came on by with her brother’s computer and I replaced the fan on top of the heat sink that sits on the CPU.  The old one was turning really slowly and must be super old.

Even later on, I went over and picked up Brittany and we headed down to Tim Hortons.  Got out of the car, but quickly hopped back in when we thought of just heading to the pub!  It was a good time, and we managed to order some food a mere minutes before the kitchen closed!

After I dropped Brit off at home, I drove home-wards but stopped in at Tim Hortons to visit with Mike Waddell!  Since it was around 1am, I didn’t want to stay long but I ended up standing and having an awesome talk with him for an entire hour.  It was really awesome, and in the end he got me really fired up about film and convinced me to head home and do something film-like.  I ended up editing the footage I shot a couple weeks ago of a sunrise out on the dike:

When I finished around 3:30am, I drove back down to show him the end result!  Kudos goes to Mike who provided me with a coffee (with a very flavourful mint shot) to take to the editing room with me!  I finally got to sleep just after 4am.