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Dual Boot Your File Server

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

When my Windows XP “server” stopped working yesterday, instead of spending the time repairing the OS, I decided to split the C: drive in half and setup an Ubuntu dual-boot!  I’ll get around to fixing (or re-installing) Windows XP later when I get some time.

I’ve always wanted to setup Linux as my file server because it’s faster and much more reliable, but I’ve been a little fearful of what would happen should I screw it up.  Linux can be complicated, and I’m very familiar with Windows already.  This way (after I’ve fixed my XP boot), I can feel much better about running Linux as my server because if I ever screw up in Linux, I can jump right over to XP and keep all the files sharing properly without having to spend hours fixing it!

Now if you think a little further down the road to when I’m even more comfortable with Linux, it could still be a good idea to dual boot maybe two linux distros – or two XP installs – etc!  Not to say that those combinations are practical what-so-ever for most people, but just the concept is a little neat of being able to simply switch over to another OS and come back and fix the problem one when you have time.

Anyways, Ubuntu has been great so far, and so far seems like a great idea to host my files with.  And for those of you who are wondering – yes I’m running the desktop version and not the server.  My network needs aren’t all that complicated and the desktop version works great so far.  From poking at the Ubuntu Server edition, and even the Windows Server versions – they aren’t worth my time to learn them for the benefits I would gain from them.  Maybe one day.  But when that day comes, a smart idea for testing those would be to dual boot my server with something I’m familiar with so I always have a backup OS to keep my files going should I screw things up!  Aha – I’ve come full circle, and so my post is complete!