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Lazy Monday

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Return To House On Haunted HillLast night I was up a little late watching Return to House On Haunted Hill – which was a pretty good sequel I’d say.  Not too shabby of a horror flick.  My Monday afternoon was pretty lazy and consisted of watching the first third of the Academy Awards that we recorded on our PVR.  So far it was entertaining, but nothing super amazing.  I will say that with my involvement in the film industry I’ve been drawn in and am definately 500% more interested in the awards than before.  I can’t wait to finish watching them!

On a very separate note – My floor has been bugging me for some time, as I don’t think I’ve vacuumed in my room for quite some time…  I’ve wanted to do it for a while, and I finally found a few hours where I was able to move my entire room around to get to every little corner to fully-vacuum it out.  Took quite a bit of work, but it was well worth it.  Normally I’ll re-arrange my room after leaving it this long too, but I think I’ve really found a layout I really like these days.

In the evening I volunteered with Shaw once again filming city council meetings.  I took a photo from my perspective behind the camera during the meeting because I was bored:

PoCo Council

I did camera for the first hour, then directed the rest of the meeting.  Council went pretty well – they passed the Dominion Triangle again for the next reading.  It’s pretty set that they’ll be developing towards the river out past the Home Depot and Costco by my place, but they’re just jabbering on about specifics.  Should be all up and done by around 2012 or 2014 I think they were saying.  Definitely the near future like that.  Here’s a sketch of what it might look like.  I find it cool because you can see all the on-and-off ramps for the new bridge to Pitt Meadows!

Mmm… PS3, Eggs, Toast, OJ, and Council

Monday, February 11th, 2008

PS3, Orange Juice, and Eggs

I kicked off my morning with exactly that – I made eggs and topped it with Orange Juice and toast, and sat and watched some extras from the Sunshine blue-ray disc on Mark‘s PS3. I made a short detour in my morning plans to chat with Brittany for a couple hours which was really really nice! She’s going into fashion week over there so she’ll probably be oodles busier for the next few days.

Skate Game for PS3Back to the Playstation, I didn’t get far before Mark came over and we watched some bizare short films on the blue-ray disc. He also started me on a demo for the game Skate, which is a good thing it was a demo with a time-limit because I got hooked and was having a blast!

I eventually got back to editing, but it wasn’t long before Sean came over and after chilling briefly and doing some troubleshooting for the SMAS, he took off with Jason to go take some photos for a thing with his sister. I hope he posts on that soon because I’d love to check out exactly what the whole project was!

Back to editing once again, but not for long again because I took off and drove Brian down to work at Papa Johns for 4:30, and then trotted over to city hall a little early which was next-door. The Shaw production mobile was already there so I helped Scott with setup. By the time the next volunteer showed up, it was just before 5 (the regular meeting time), and I had already completed most of the setup. A little too fast maybe… I did however take this cool panorama from the Mayor’s perspective:

PoCo Council Panorama

Council wasn’t too long, at roughly 1 hour 45 minutes, but it was actually fairly informative for me amongst all the regular council drama. I took a picture of the screen when it was showing a sketch of what the PoCo side of the new Pitt River Bridge might look like!

Nicola Avenue Triangle

Off to the right, you can see all the off-ramps coming off the new bridge to help the flow of traffic. It’s very interesting for me because that street going up there to the top left will probably lead directly to my house. Also if you look close, you can see a pair of high-rise buildings in amongst all the small business stores! Very interesting indeed… though they’d have an insane view!

Back at home, I made some phone calls, but grew tired quickly and slept around midnight.