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New Vegas Pro 9

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


My video editing software, Sony Vegas, is coming out with version 9.0 shortly and I just read an article on it’s improved functionality.  Here are my notes as to the top new features:

  • New default skin is made of a darker base-color. Don’t worry, you can always change it back
  • 32-bit & 64-bit are available, and the 64-bit is “tremendously” more stable than 8.1.
  • Built-in defaults to work with 2K and 4K, combined with new support for using .r3d files!
  • This used to be available under the Scripts menu, but now you can “Render as Image Sequence” directly from the render dialogue.
  • Vegas now has a built in feature which looks at the project properties and determines the best render output settings by putting an “=” sign to the left of it in the render dialogue.
  • Many new effects are included, such as Glint, Rays, Defocus, Starburst, Soft Contrast, and Fill Light.  Also a new transisition called Gradient Wipe.
  • To create audio keyframes, simply select an area and drag the envelope up or down and the four nessecary keyframes are automatically created.
  • Video events will show only the first, middle, and last frames as previews on the event on the timeline.  This is a default and can be changed to “None”, “Head”, Head,Tail”, or “All”.
  • When you hold down CTRL+ALT+Shift and click on an event, it will split the event. If you then drag right, it will trim the front of the event on the right. If you instead drag left, it will trim then end of the event to the left.
  • When slipping an event that has multiple takes, you can now slip all takes instead of only the active take. To activate this new feature, turn on OptionsSlip All Takes.
  • Audio adjustments are no longer quantized to frames by default.
  • Vegas now uses 16-bit peak files


A Year in Review

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Two thousand and eight has been a growing experience for me, and I just wanted to take a couple minutes to note down some milestones. In January, I registered and launched this website. It has been in a work in progress for just twelve months now, and I’ve enjoyed coding every line of it. That might be a shocker because it feels like my website has been around forever, but it might also come as a surprise to recall that it was only last January that I bought my first digital camera! Nearing the end of the month, Sean and I completed the “Do it yourself Stop Motion Animation Station” for the Science World in Edmonton.

In the spring, my company took in a few extra editors in-house to manage with the workload, and also went on the road with skilled teams to deliver our specialized one-hour-video and photo dance coverage.

I bought myself a 1998 Subaru Forester in red, just prior to the summer, and have made good use of it on a regular basis! Summer was a nice break from everything, and it was great to sit back and enjoy it with friends. We had two major barbeques, sandwiched with numerous smaller ones. At the end of the summer, I celebrated my first one-year milestone in a relationship.

In the fall, I made two trips to visit Nate and Christine over in Alberta. Shortly after, we created our first award winning film, Shoulda Boughta Viper. It was also around autumn, that the Lego Millenium Falcon Stop Motion broke two million views.

This winter has been amazing snowboarding up on cypress, and it’s been a wonderful Christmas, visiting with family and friends. In my business, Tim and I have been working to brand the company and develop strategies and focuses to build a platform which we can use to bring the business to new heights. However, not every milestone can be centered on forward growth, and as the seasons change throughout the year, Brittany and I regret to announce that we are no longer together.