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50% Faster Download Speed for the Same Price

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009


A couple days ago, Shaw decided to give my area a faster connection – for no increase in price!

…we are making significant upgrades to our network in your area which will allow us to increase your Shaw High-Speed Internet download speed by 50%, from 5 Mbps to 7.5 Mbps! This will not affect your monthly cost for High-Speed Internet; your bill will remain exactly the same.”

Now, from all our complaining over the years about drop-outs and such, they’ve replaced pretty much my whole system to connect up my house, which is awesome when you combine it with my relatively older person neighbourhood.  We’ve got a pretty sweet internet setup.  I just started a download last night and the speed went as high as 1.4 megabytes per second!  Probably because of the additon of the “Powerboost” feature aswell which gives you a burst of speed for the first several seconds of a download.

Nothing To Say on the Skytrain

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I didn’t have much to say on the skytrain at 1am, so I kept it fairly short.