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Newspaper Article From Boxing Day Morning Camp-Out

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Newspaper Article About Boxing Day Morning

Above is an article from the NOW that I scanned which has a photo of Jason, Brian, and I (in the top photo, on the right) sitting outside futureshop around 1am, in line for their doorcrashing deals!  Hoorah for newspaper appearance!  Click the image to make it larger.

This year we went much earlier and were the second group in line.  We watched Star Wars while sitting in line with a heat lamp and making new friends.  Brian, Jason and I were the first there, and later I drove and picked up Nate in exchange for dropping Jason at home.

Our goal this year was a Blu-ray player, and we executed our plan perfectly!  In and out with a Sharp Blu-ray player for Nate, and for myself?  Well, I just had to drop the cash on a 7.1 surroud sound reciever that was packaged with a 5.1 speaker setup and my precious Sony Blu-ray player.  It has made for some really awesome movie nights at my place.  Now I just need to find time to get the speakers properly setup on the wall instead of sitting one on the planter, and the other on the dining room table.  Speaker stands for the front two would be nice too so that I can take our huge old speakers and bring them downstairs.