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Table 23 on Shaw TV’s The Express

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Foreskin Music Video – Table23 Comedy

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Can’t believe I didn’t check the T23 blog sooner!

// Table 23

Wine, Hardware, Hopping, and Comedy

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

White Wine - VerdicchioMy day kicked off by racing over to Commercial Drive to film an interview with Vito and a guy from a company that is the number one Italian wine importer in Vancouver.  Following the interview, I filmed a promo for their other business which is an Italian shoe store.  The fellow we interviewed was a nice guy, because I ended up coming home with a complimentary bottle of white wine!  Vito took home a red.

Back at home, I had a little more of a kufuffel with Bob.  See, I bought a new SATA card to support more hard drives, and normally I can just plug it in, install drivers in windows, and it’ll work.  But no.  Not this time.  Not Bob today.  Ugh.  It works fine with a single hard drive plugged in, but never with more than one.  It’s got to be a firmware issue or something, but basically I’ve got 7 of 9 hard drives online now.  I can work with that for the time being, but I am very close to finalizing the hardware which should have been working days ago!

My afternoon was spent editing with Spencer, and I touched on looking at some new website designs for my company page:  Perhaps I’ll share some here soon in case anyone has some input…?  During one of our breaks, I played around trying to hop my unicycle some more.  I should also get some video of this sometime because it is really amusing actually!

And finally for my evening, I actually went down and watched Table 23 perform at Gallaghers for my first time since about January!  It’s been an incredibly long time!  Good times.