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Vacation at Shuswap Part 4

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Well, the beach certainly was an awesome time!  I splashed around in the canoe, and I got to try out Mary’s inflatable Zodiac kayak!  It was definately interesting!  It was fun to lie and roast in the sun a little, but one can only really take so much of sitting and doing nothing.

After the beach, I drove John to the store to show him my car and its stereo.  Later, I did the same thing with Tom!  They both seemed to like it …  I love my car!

We had a small and swift dinner, and then we went as a group for ice cream.  We unicycled as a group, but an improvpto raced spawned between Tom and I while I was using Vanessa’s small unicycle and it was certainly a challenge that really worked my legs and my cardio!  We came out extremely even speed, but both got some great exercise!  Almost equivalent to a good three hour hike.  After cones, we met at the Rupprecht’s campsite for the fire.  Being the last night for most of the group, we stayed out late socializing.

Each night it seems I’m writing in notepad later and later… each time probably about an hour later.  I guess it’ll help me adjust because I’m driving home tomorrow morning/afternoon.  I’ll probably stop at the internet cafe to post this just before driving home.  I certainly am glad I came out here and wish I could have stayed longer!  I’ve been coming to Shuswap since before I can remember, and it’s definately a welcoming and embracing place to be.

Day of Small Activities

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I played guitar hero and finally beat Rock This Town, and the after several attempts I beat the encore song for that set, and now have access to 4 new Expert songs finally!

New Set in Guitar Hero

I relaxed today and did a whole variety of activities too.  Ranging from archery, to unicycling down to the market to get eggs, to programming a part of a CMS for my website, to watching TV for 5 minutes, to roller-skating with Brittany.  I also spent a good deal of time playing around with my new guitar, and I have a small semi-embarrassing showcase reel to show off my new skills:

Unicycle Edit Wars

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Today I just did some work, but for one of our breaks at work, Spencer and I took my camera out and threw on the wide angle and filmed some of me hopping around and stuff on my unicycle.  We had a little editing competition afterwards with the footage, and here is what each of us came up with:

Paul’s Edit:

Spencer’s Edit:

Wine, Hardware, Hopping, and Comedy

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

White Wine - VerdicchioMy day kicked off by racing over to Commercial Drive to film an interview with Vito and a guy from a company that is the number one Italian wine importer in Vancouver.  Following the interview, I filmed a promo for their other business which is an Italian shoe store.  The fellow we interviewed was a nice guy, because I ended up coming home with a complimentary bottle of white wine!  Vito took home a red.

Back at home, I had a little more of a kufuffel with Bob.  See, I bought a new SATA card to support more hard drives, and normally I can just plug it in, install drivers in windows, and it’ll work.  But no.  Not this time.  Not Bob today.  Ugh.  It works fine with a single hard drive plugged in, but never with more than one.  It’s got to be a firmware issue or something, but basically I’ve got 7 of 9 hard drives online now.  I can work with that for the time being, but I am very close to finalizing the hardware which should have been working days ago!

My afternoon was spent editing with Spencer, and I touched on looking at some new website designs for my company page:  Perhaps I’ll share some here soon in case anyone has some input…?  During one of our breaks, I played around trying to hop my unicycle some more.  I should also get some video of this sometime because it is really amusing actually!

And finally for my evening, I actually went down and watched Table 23 perform at Gallaghers for my first time since about January!  It’s been an incredibly long time!  Good times.