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How I Almost Got an iPhone

Friday, May 29th, 2009

It all started back in early April, when Nate was back on leave, and his phone died and he picked up a blackberry!  We hung out a lot, and I had ample opportunity to play with his phone, and I was out on the road a lot with him too.  Even though the device wasn’t customized or optimized for me, I still found it to be a great tool.  As a business owner, I needed to be in touch with what was going on, and for the first time I experienced how instead of much of a nuisance and burden a phone can be, it could be an immense time saver and organizer.  I’ve gone over 22 years of my life without a phone, and six years now running my own business.  But as my business grows, the concept of a cellphone that can do all the things that they can do today finally becomes a reasonable idea.

300_blackberry_boldI struggled with this sudden turn of feelings towards a phone for a few weeks, but quietly researched further.  It would have to be a smart phone with a few key capabilities:

  1. Email (obviously)
  2. Real internet browsing
    (not the blackberry HTML only browser)
  3. Capable of VNC
    (so I can control my computer at home)

The newer blackberries, such as my personal favorite the Bold, seemed like the better choices.  However, it looked like I’d have to pay for a VNC client, and the browser still wasn’t all that amazing.  Also, blackberries seem… just older in the technology world?  An odd statement, but I mean that there are technologies out there like the touch screen, and better GUI’s that I saw in the newest blackberry – but it was slower and seemed an early attempt and fixing that issue.  I’m sure they will get better as time goes on.

I went a few weeks with the thought of getting a blackberry in the back of my head until I talked with several people about blackberry versus iPhone.  If I was to get a phone, I wanted to make sure I get the best choice for what I need it for.  I’ve seen a lot of what the iPhone can do, especially through Mark, but it also popped up on my radar that Craig had switched from iphone_homeblackberry to an iPhone!  Both people of which I highly respect in the tech world.  After talking with them, and several others, I leaned stronger and stronger towards the iPhone!  It had everything I need – the only problem…. it’s an Apple device.  Apple and I don’t get along – it’s good for some people, but frankly you can achieve the same means in the same time and effort on PC or Mac, it’s just a question of how your mindset works.  Some people’s minds work more towards mac, and some more towards PC.  I’m definately in the PC mindset, and have always been – but for a phone, it might be nice to have a flashy GUI that I don’t have to do much with and it will work mostly good.  I say mostly good because mac and PC both crash just as often – mac people just won’t admit it – it’s the same with the phone.

Now, along comes the new iPhone 3.0 – with amazing upgraded features such as multimedia messaging, and an amazing feature to use bluetooth to tether it to your laptop to get internet access via your phone!  Yada yada… I was almost sold on it up until yesterday.

I heard about Android probably over a year ago on slashdot sometime, but over the last year I didn’t hear too much news about it except that it sucked and was disappoing.  Android is an open source operating system for mobile phones, built by Google – so this was a little sad news that it wasn’t any good.  Pelley tipped me off to the fact that Rogers is finally debuting the first phones in Canada with Android in a few days, and so I decided to actually take a look for myself.

htc-dream-2After spending hours watching YouTube videos showcasing the phone, and reading countless articles comparing it against the new iPhone 3.0 which will be out this summer, I found that this phone didn’t disappoint in any way!  This was amazing news… as I’m a massive Google fan too!  Specifically, I’m looking at the HTC Dream G1 phone – which I might pick up on Tuesday, when the finally debut in Canada.  Basically it’s the blackberry meets iPhone, with Google as the glue!  It’s got almost everything the other two phones have, and more.

This phone has a touch screen, and a firm fold out to reveal a full keyboard which is far larger than the blackberry one.  It can already be tethered to your computer to provide internet access like the new iPhone will do.  The whole thing is open source with some great app developers with some wicked apps for things like telling you what some is playing, telling you the constelations in the stars – or where a planet is in the sky, scanning a barcode and quickly telling you the best prices online, lots and lots of games, and much more!

It seems like remarkable timing on Google’s part to release their phone in three days from today – literally as I’m breaking down and finally seriously contemplating getting a phone.  Maybe – it was meant to be?

Vacation at Shuswap Part 2

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

I sit here again in my tent trailer typing in Notepad!  It’s been a very entertaining day today for certain!  This morning I woke up somewhere around 10am – though I can’t be certain because I haven’t been wearing my binary watch.  My parents made up pancakes for breakfast, and shortly after I drove a few minutes down the road from the campsite to a coffee shop that has free WiFi.  I uploaded photos and used VNC to connect to use my home computers.  I attempted to start processing thousands of photos from our dance competition into web format, but I had some bumps in the road.  I also checked my email and chatted a little… I went a little overboard and spent just short of three hours there!

I arrived back at the campsite to find that a bunch of the family had already headed down to the beach because the weather had gotten really sunny!  I got changed and went with my mom to join the group where we played in the water for a while!  It was nice to lay on the beach with the warm sun – it was awesome because it wasn’t too hot or too cold!  The water was even vastly warmer than other years!  I hope to get back down there sometime tomorrow maybe!

After the beach, the family met back at our campsite for a group spaghetti dinner!  Everyone brought either sauce, noodles, salad, or desert, and we all piled together to have a mass grubbin’.  Immediately after dinner, a bunch of unicyclers went out to the street so we could take some photos of our group!  I even got Vanessa up on my 5-foot giraffe unicycle!  The rest of the evening everyone hung around a good five or six hours at our campsite socializing and playing games like O-Hell.  John, Drew and I were even playing around jamming on our guitars (hoorah for Cherry Blossom!) – and I even got to do my very first performance to the song “Cows With Guns“!

Anyways, I’m having fun up here, but one thing I miss is having someone roughly my age to hang out with.  The closest on my younger side is probably about 16 or 17, and on the older side is probaly like 30 or older.  Being 21, I’m mostly hanging out with the older crew, but it’s been fun nomatter who I’m talking to!  Family is an important aspect to life, and I’m really enjoying it to its fullest up here!